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    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Cage fighting, Cultural observation.

    Cultural observation.

    I like cage fighting, and recently watched M 1 bouts in Russia.
    And Russian cage fighting is a little different than  American Cage
    In USA its ok to use elbows to the face even if your
    opponent is on his back, in Russia thats a no no.

    One Russian bout I saw one fighter got his arm broke
    in an arm bar, snap, screaming and dangling.

    The guy that did it, of course won, he then came over
    and pulled the other guy up by his good arm,
    And grabbed the broken arm and kissed it,

    In the USA when the fight is broken up buy the referee,
    they both back away right away.
    In Russia one hit the ref and still went after the other guy.
    It personal in Russia none of this sports stuff.

    The Russians tend to be brawlers rather than scientific
    fighters, judo or Karate.

    And I suspect the sport really hurts some of
    its fighters bad, some take a heavy head pounding.
    I have very mixed feelings about cage fighting,
    I think its brutal but it pays good and I like it,
    much to my chagrin.

    I'm to old to fight any more but not 
    to old to watch. I coulda done that
    35 yrs ago...maybe.



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