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    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Charter Com the Worst

    Charter Com the Worst

    Charter Com the Worst, well maybe not the worst
    I haven't had the "Government Communications Network-District"
    ISP out of Kabul Afghanistan yet, so I can't say for certain they
    are the worst.

    They rope you in with one price and
    later that price increases 100% 
    slowly little at a time and NO ONE
    asks if its ok to charge me more.
    They just increase the price. 

    Charter's service is abysmal.
    95% of the time they are great,
    100% good.
    5% of the time they are 5% good.

    I paid my Charter bill on the 2nd.
    and they shut my phone off on the 

    7 "Chat now" sessions later
    and they still haven't turned it
    back on.

    They said it was an error,
    and 4 times they got my name,
    account number, security code,
    and pin, name and phone number,
    and the last 4 numbers of my Social 
    Security number and address.
    And were going to turn the phone back
    on, they made an error.
    And the "Chat Sessions" got
    dumped 6 times.

    Nobody did, its still off.
    And I'm not going to do chat again,
    I'll pop the computer.

    And not one thought to turn the phone
    on and call me???

    If you use the "back key" to correct
    a spelling error their system dumps
    the chat session and you start all over
    again. With all the security stuff all over again.

    My paranoid mind says they programed
    it that way to discourage people
    from using the chat function.

    And the last time it just froze up.

    After they collect all the information 
    and then they ask me what my name is?
    Of course its right there in chat,
    my name right beside what I type..
    I type "Gerald " right next to
    the "Gerald " on the chat line.
    The chat text says:
    "Gerald says: Gerald"

    AND every time you type in something
    and hit enter, the cursor doesn't pick back
    up on the Text line, you have to recenter
    it on the line and hit enter every time.
    Normally you just keep typing, in the
    text box. Not with Charter Chat from

    So I type in my name in right
    beside my name in the chat line.

    Then I insist she tell me her name
    and she types in "Carol" right beside
    "Carol" on the chat line.
    "Carol says: Carol"

    Two can be stupid at this game.

    And they don't give you the
    option of having a copy of the
    chat sent to you.

    One other time
    I got a bill from Charter
    telling me I have to make payment
    by XX date or the service will
    be turned off. I was late.
    I paid the bill on time then they still shut it
    off 3 days past the shut off date,
    telling me I had an additional bill
    it was a "rolling balance" system
    they were using????

    I told them I had a statement on their 
    letter head to pay $xyz dollars and
    my service wouldn't be shut off, I had it
    in writing, they explained to me
    the letter didn't count it was what
    was in their computer that counted.

    And to straighten it out they want
    me to drive to a city 60 miles away.

    I just paid. I think it was $100.
    I think I know why they are in Bankruptcy.

    I just want to scream when I deal
    with them, but I don't.
    My blood pressure just soars,
    and I just chat.
    I was going to just call them to complain
    but I can't the phone is out.
    I could always contact them by Chat......
    from HELL. Naw.
    They can read it here.

    I wonder how much the Afghan ISP

    Follow up:
    I called charter by cell phone,
    and got a thick accent,
    said they didn't know why my
    phone service was suspended
    but it would cost $60 to reconnect it.
    I threatened to pull all my services from
    them if they charged me the $60
    so they decided to drop the
    reconnect fee.
    IF you require dependable 
    phone service I'd look elsewhere,
    I am.

    And Charter admits it spys on its USERS.




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