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    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Cyber "green dam" is your Chinese friend

    Cyber "green dam" is your Chinese friend

    Last Monday, the Wall Street Journal broke the story that–effective July 1, 2009–authorities in China “require” that all PCs sold in China are “pre-installed” with Green Dam, essentially a government piece of spyware / filtering / blocking software.

    Computer makers including Dell and HP are now on the hot seat. Will they knuckle under? –Tech companies have previously come under fire in Capitol Hill hearings due to their assistance for Communist China’s internet crackdown.

    The regime says Green Dam can block pornography, filter illicit content, control web surfing time, and check browsing records. In fact, the software is capable of blocking politically sensitive websites, filtering out content based on a list of keywords, recording keystrokes and passwords, taking screenshots every 3 minutes, and recording all of the websites visited along with all of the user’s other internet activity.



    Also our fav blog on Chinese hackers is down.

    Hat tip to my bartender.

    I've emailed Scott and Jumper, no reply yet.

    Jumper indicated it was

    a program glitch from update, up and running now. G






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