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    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    The RAPE continues

    The regulators, Yes men.
    First Madoff gets to run a 50 BILLION SCAM.

    And now the Federal Reserve turns into YES MEN.

    The tax payers thru their Represenatives
    authorize $800 Billion USD to buy up
    bad sub prime papper.

    Bad paper knowingly loaned by the Banks.
    And the Federal Reserve DOES NOT 
    buy up the the bad paper, but just 
    give $400 Billion to the criminal Banks.

    Bank of America did their "due diligance "
    And the pigs are back for MORE.
    $20 Billion more.
    If they made a mistake
    they can eat it.

    Merril Lynch never gave me money 
    when I made an Investment error.

    Why am I giving money to BANK
    of America when they make an Investment error.

    What is the head of the Federal Reserve Thinking,
    What did the lobbyest tell him.

    Why is he listening to the to the Lobbyest?

    The Bank Corps write billions of bad/default 
    sub-prime paper and sell it to the market
    and Fannie and Freddy.

    Then they get $800 Billion gift and
    a kicker $2 trillion from the Feds without

    And one is back for $20 Billion more.

    The same criminal Banks charging usury
    rates in 47 states.

    And allow the terrorist to steal American ID.

    The same Banks that give credit cards 
    to those they know will default.
    And turn $800 charges into $2,300
    with late charges and fees.

    Which they then sell to collection agencys.
    Because of the changes in Bankruptcy laws
    which the Banks drafted,

    Allow the collection agencys to charge interest
    untill the victim dies then collect $15,000
    from the victims estate from 15 yrs of interest.

    All from loaning $800 to someone they knew
    would default.

    The Feds are willing to give these guys $20 Billion 
    more because they had the balls to ask for it,

    Series 7 & 13

    The Fed was given a charter to buy up this toxic sub prime paper.
    The loans that poisoned the money markets.
    And they bought NONE.
    They gave the money to the Banks.
    This bad sub-prime paper is an cancer 
    infectiing the markets, it has been covered up
    with the gifts to the Banks.
    The sub-prime paper is still festering.
    Spreading infection, waiting to break out.

    Mark this toxic mess to market,
    the market will fix it.
    And its going to HURT.
    The longer they wait the more its going HURT.
    Obama is being handed a time bomb.




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