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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    IATT Ops and Intel up date, dec 12, 2009

    Al Qaeda may have the ability to crack email passwords.
    Or have an insider with in some of the major email services.
    Our BOTs are tracking the developments.



    Our confidential source inside the beltway.
    1,2,3 are correct, 4 is sort of true. Kasab's family moved out of Faridkot to stay with a cousin in a nearby village to avoid attention, Kasab's maternal uncle is staying at the family home for now. That was done at the request of the Pakistani government and very willingly accepted by the Kasab's

    Maj Gen
    Mehmood Ali Durrani is a close associate of Musharraf and an old friend of America. Some history on him: then IIRC Armoured Division Commander Durrani asked President Zia ul Haq by very intense requests and repetitive insistences to attend tank trials at Bahawalpur. On the flight there, ul Haq's plane crashed, killing him. Durrani was in DC on 9/11 and helped coordinate the military airlift/Paki over-flight for our invasion of Afghanistan.

    Durrani "retired" he did a study at Sandia National Labs on Musharraf's special request in 2004-05. The study involved storage and security for nuclear weapons. He then became ambassador to the US. Durrani was then appointed as the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Gilani by the president Zardari and the PM never liked it. Durrani acted at its own and is widely believed as the US representative in the Pakistani government.

    Mumbai we asked China to mediate and get the Pakistani's to speak in one voice while we asked India to back off. The Chinese envoy was in India asking them to agree to a joint investigation. Pakistan had almost completed its investigation and agreed to accept Kasab's nationality. But the Pakistan foreign office wanted India to first agree to a joint investgation and access to Kasab and the physical evidence. Durrani's statement destroyed Pakistan's negotiating position because he spoke before negotiations were done. Now India is playing I've-got-a-secret.

    Durrani is very close to the Bhuttos/Zardari. Gilani is under heavy pressure by us and Zardari to be reinstated. Zardari may do it on his own but that could cause a confrontation with Gilani's sponsor President Zardari, so it's delicate.

    Gilani had been looking for any excuse to sack Durrani. Durrani's mistake was to go on Indian TV and announce Kasab's Pakistani citizenship ahead of Gilani's government's negotiations with India and subsequent announcements. Gilani doesn't like to be upstaged. Durrani clearly spoke out of turn, and Gilani is now threatening to resign if Durrani is reinstated.

    Ref our previous post:


    on stand by of Opsec clearance.G
    Source From Inside beltway.
    Cleared with edit:
    There is a full court press to find UBL and Z this week, everyone is on it. They are outside our normal drone patrol areas. G


    Bad Guys planning bad things.
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    The time to unite is upon us! we must have our own rules and our own laws! beacuse under the rules of others we are only silenced and injustice is our is time to rise and it is time to awaken..

    New jadie, recruiting bad guys.


    Iran Attack planned.
    Ready to take out all secret nuclear operations, and command and control.
    Word behind secret closed doors is Israel has tried to get approval
    to take out Iran nuclear sites twice.
    Both times refused.
    Israel doesn't trust Condi Rice, and CIA still miffed
    at the attack on Syria nuke site.
    Israel trying a flank action on CIA going directly to George.
    Israel willing to go it alone.
    Bush has increased intel sharing with Israel about secret ops
    in Iran sabotaging electronics, PC's, and service machinery.
    When they do test expect multiple failures.

    George is passing on a pipeline direct to Iran's nuke operations
    to Obama.

    Iran in for very rude awaking..
    Our paradigm Intel has been omitted for Opsec reasons.


    Big story on Paki meeting, awaiting opsec clearance.
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Current TimeTuesday, January 13, 2009 at 11:52:43 PM
    Prince Muqrin will attend a reception hosted by the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, Ali Awadh Al-Asseri, tonight. All the key players will be there. about India? meeting about Taliban?
    Meeting over, ops sec cleared.
    Big disturbing story about Paki leadership, awaiting photos
    and confirmation second source. G


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