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    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    New vector in GWOT

    Much has been heard about "how the surge is making a differene in Iraq"
    And it has made a significant impact.

    Paradigm Intel also suggest a back story that has been missed.

    Part of the success USA has been having in Iraq can be attributed to the Cyber WAR.

    Starting in August of 2007 there was an influx of Intel on many al Qaeda web masters, their IP's
    and they were tracked to their physical locations, arrested, or killed.
    USA was blessed with a small flood of terrorist webmasters IPs, and terrorist hackers IP's.

    The steady stream of al Qaeda Ip's lead to many very successful operations recovering hard drives, memory sticks and CDs. Which yielded volumes of Intel including , membership lists, locations, financiers other IP's, and round robins of take downs and arrests. A virtual plethora of Intel.

    Using these IPs USA was able to turn one of al Qaeda most powerful weapons the WWW into a back door and gut thier IT infrastructure.

    "U.S. military says hits al Qaeda propaganda units

    Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:59pm IST

    By Randy Fabi

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Saturday it had hampered al Qaeda's ability to recruit new members in Iraq by capturing or killing many of the people who make slick videos used to attract disaffected young Muslims.

    U.S. military spokesman Rear Admiral Greg Smith said that in the past year, 39 al Qaeda members in Iraq responsible for producing and disseminating videos and other material to thousands of Internet Web sites had been captured or killed."

    The Internet Anthropologist team is proud to have provided a steady stream of terrorist webmasters IPs to the FEDS starting in August of 07. And it seems the Military at least is recognizing the value of this back door into al Qaeda and is successfully prosecuting the Intel.

    We continue to pursue al Qaeda webmasters; now backed by Company "C".

    The FEDS pipe line seems to be very effective, and a Intel to Action time line of about 4 days.
    Four days between receiving the actionable Intel and the USA Military acting on that Intel half a world away. An amazingly fast reaction time for the Bureaucracy's involved.

    Taking out the HEADS of the IT structure has had an immediate impact on the terrorist WWW
    string of 4000 web sites.

    Evidenced by the most recent Biny tape and its sloppy editing trying to hide Binys health problems.


    U.S. military spokesman Rear Admiral Greg Smith said there has been a steady decline in videos broadcast on 5,000 pro-al Qaeda Web sites....In February, U.S. intelligence monitoring of those Web sites showed 34 new postings of videos and audio material from Iraqi networks, down from 144 postings in June 2007, Smith said.

    While there is very little feed back to Civilian Irregular Troops from the Military, they will
    act on actionable Intel from same.

    The Military continue to improve their Cyber Warfare capabilities.

    Internet Anthropologist is issuing cyber sidearms to vetted members of Company "C",
    After training for self defense, with rules of engagement.
    Violation of the rules of engagement could result in criminal prosecution, they are strictly for self defense only, (YOUR PC under attack.).
    Use of the small arms may automatically notify the Watch Officer, calling in backup, and alerts me to a situation. And activates "C" Company's Internal Affairs.

    We continue to pursue the Terrorist, al Qaeda on all fronts, with all capabilities.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum

    al Qaeda background noise and chatter.


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