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    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    Background noise, Chatter

    Background noise, Chatter indicate al Qaeda on the ropes, serious cadre losses at highest levels.
    Unable to confirm same, currently paradigm indicates a mostly ghost cadre running al Qaeda.

    Com links down, 3rd and 4th tier admin isolated with out direction.

    Floundering trying to bootstrap its self.

    Calling muj commanders from the 80's, desperate.

    Making noise about doing something big in its death throes.

    Lacking experienced leaders threat is one of bumbling but serious intent.

    Low grade persistent chatter and background noise "nukes" for about 2 weeks.


    AKI: Al-Qaeda 'enlisting widows as suicide bombers'

    al Qaeda turning on Taliban in Paki

    Sloppy editing of Binys video, way short of usual standards.
    And the sloppy editing of this tape, a BIN LADEN, tape, indicates a severe degradation of
    the tech side, even.

    Taliban will give up al Qaeda.
    At Tora Bora Biny split up his retreating troops, Taliban one team and HIS team Arabs.
    He knows they will sell them out.

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