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    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Terrorist web sites, what to do?

    Ddan has an interesting post on the subject: here

    What to do with the terrorist web sites?

    It is a involoved paradigm, and we are picking our way through the potential mine field.

    Some argue to leave them up for the Intel production.
    And that some Intel may be lost if they are shut down.

    Dan speaks of a tipping point.

    I am also looking at a tipping point.
    A different tipping point.

    Consoider for a moment if ALL terrorist sites were taken down,
    one swipe world wide?

    That would have a significant impact on recruiting, and generating home grown terrorist, and many other benefits.

    Each time a site is shut down, they loose part of their audience,
    and loose data and creditability.
    Not to mention the security they must build and maintain to set up a new site,
    and the psysic energy and the blow to morale, consider loosing your own Blog.
    The wasted time setting it back up knowing it will be shut back down again.
    and loss of command and control, and com links.
    If they email members of the new site then they are also notifying us.
    We are hidden in their lists.

    We have passwords to most sites, and back doors and mine them for links, urls and members
    and copy the entire site before shut down. And are working to make these copies
    available to the FEDS, we know they probally have copies already, but in case we take down one that don't have a copy for , we do have the copy. We have the man power to avail our selves
    of these capabilities with Company "C".

    Company "C" allows me to move from Intel collection and reporting to developing actionable Intel for the FEDS, and planning operations and prosecuting the GWOT with in legal limits.
    In an area that needs service.

    We also give the FEDS prior notice before we take down a site, and are willing to sign secrecy
    agreements on any sites they want to remain up.

    Of course it can be argued that this drives them to the Dark web.
    Which limits their public recruitment and command and control to the Ummah.
    And reduces the number of sites.

    And we have moles working in many of these dark sites.
    If you have a dark site it limits your recruitment and public influence.
    And command and control to a very limited cadre.

    The estimates we have seen estimate there are 4,000 terrorist web sites.

    We recently took down a little known hub for propaganda distribution.
    Thousands of vids very little text.

    The number of terror sites hosted by American Companys could be drastically cut
    by a few prosecutions under current laws, as it stands now their is no down side
    to hosting a terror site other than Bad PR when they are caught, and then they
    claim they didn't know. . Violation authority cited:
    And many hosts just ignore the complaints, currently without
    any prosecutions the law is with out teeth.
    Company "C" is looking for an Attorney to file complaints against the
    hosts for violation the laws, we can supply the complainant and evidence.

    Suggested first target:

    Background here.

    Drive them to web sites in terror supporting countrys and
    you open the possibility of direct attacks on servers by USA military.
    Under the color of law and war.

    We think this is a workable solution to the 4,000 terror web sites
    and maintain copies of sites for further study.


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