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    Friday, March 21, 2008

    The latest public Intel out of Company "C"


    Intel request:
    The second to last Bin Laden tape you could hear his o2 machine, in between talking.
    I would like to run the newest tape on a oscilloscope type program to see how many edits.
    If they edited the tape after every sentence, to cut out the sound of the O2 Machine.
    There should be some free programs that do this, any experts in Co C?
    BACKGROUND & old video HERE
    Video newest vid here.
    The most recent tape to be checked.



    When you look at the full audio, here's what you see:


    The green are spoken words, the gaps between them are the space between the words.

    When you look a little closer you see that in the gaps there are some anomalies:


    Note that in the gaps there are small "ticks" between some of the words. These are not spoken
    words and are not "natural" sounds_ they are probably either mechanical or signs of splicing.

    By going back and deleting all of the spoken words, you can listen to the "empty spaces" between
    the spoken words. Below you can see a section that is selected to be deleted. Note that in some but not
    all of the gaps, there are these ticks.


    The result is an audio that only plays the background noise and on this audio, some clicks
    are to be heard, each of the corresponding with one of the ticks on the resulting waveform:


    This audio (emptyspaces.mp3) is posted as an attachment to this entry. If you listen to it
    you can clearly hear the clicks. These could be any of the following:

    1 The sound of some sort of breathing machinery in the background
    2 Indicative that a splice was made in the content (I'm leery of this as you'd think they could have done a bettr job splicing)
    3 Actual sounds created by the mouth/throat itself, which would indicate some difficulty in breathing.
    4 Something completely different.

    Note that these are the breaths in-between the words so the apparent shortness of breath in this audio is an illusion.

    ( I've had some experience with trachea, and o2 condenser, and even MACHINE that breathes for you, to me this sounds
    like shortness of breath AND EDITING, to cut the machine sounds out. I heard in the second to last tape..Gerald )

    That's just my opinion but it would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks these clicks might be.



    Biny, if this is him, is close to DEATH.

    God I love this, GERALD

    Listen to the final edit, with voice removed, it is an attachment at source above.


    What this tells us, without a power supply Bin Laden will suffer Brain damage from lack
    of O2.

    He needs power to run a O2 condenser, or machine to fill his O2 bottles, either grid, or batteries,
    or hand delivered O2 bottles.
    With his condition there are certain medical supplies he needs in in continual supply.

    He cannot be off the grid for too long.

    And the sloppy editing of this tape, a BIN LADEN, tape, indicates a severe degradation of
    the tech side, even.



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    Anonymous Adam said...

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even if you are right it doesn't mean much. If we go under the assumption that Bin Laden is in the mountainous regions on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, the sounds could easily be a natural noise made by someone at such a high elevation. If it is a CO2 machine I'd most likely be a result of someone needing to speak for a long, extended period of time at an elevation that would make that difficult. One can speak normally in such an elevation and not have to deal too badly with shortness of breath, etc. but pretty much anyone who is talking for a extended period of time and who is at such a high elevation would likely need the same type of assistance. As a mountain climber who's climbed some extremely elevated mountains, I've had perfectly healthy people be unable to speak more than a couple of sentences before having to pause to catch their breath back.

    The sounds also could be cuts, including cuts that you can not hear aside from the slight change in background noise. Take an audio recorder and record 10 minutes of usual background noise in a room that has good circulation. Put it on the computer, and randomly cut pieces out. You'll get the same effect. I know this because I deal in video production and have this problem when recording commercials and tv shows. I produce a weekly cooking show, and because the shoots kitchen is so small, we can only have one camera, so there may be a 30 second pause inbetween two shots that are supposed to be edited to look like it's real time (merely chanign camera angles as if there are two cameras). We are always having to do audio fades and other tricks to try and make those cuts sound as seemless as possible.

    11:27 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    I agree with your cut analysis.
    But Biny has been in the "high elevation for some years now.
    He would have become acclimated, and sitting and speaking from a resting and rested position should not require any o2 assist, unless you have a disease.
    And from the 2nd to last vid,(link at top of post)
    he is in very bad way give a listen.

    11:33 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is Binny near death, or is he dead and the audio clips are put together from old soundbites?

    The debate goes on, but either way something is becoming clear.

    If Binny is alive, someone else is pulling his string. If he is dead, someone is using his simulated voice and reputation to push their agenda.

    "A simple check of archives shows that it wasn't Bin laden or Zawahiri who have asked Europe to enact laws against “insult to religion” but more “mainstream” Islamist forces and intellectuals. Among them the Muslim Brotherhoods, the Union of Islamic Clerics (also influenced by the Brotherhoods and headed by Sheikh Yusuf al Qardawi the spiritual mentor of al Jazeera), a number of European based academics and the bulk of Wahabi radical clerics. This revealing reality if anything shows one of the two trends: Either al Qaeda is using the argumentation of political Islamists to provoke a mass clash against Europe or is it that the “political Jihadists” are now able to influence the war discourse of al Qaeda."

    Walid Phares

    9:16 AM  
    Anonymous Adam said...


    Even the most experienced mountain climbers, who have climbed some of the highest mountains in the world, would need such breathing assistance if they were speaking for such a long period of time, especially someone who is assumed to be moving at such a constant rate and thus likely is not in a position to get his body used to the elevations that he may or may not be at.

    No one, and I mean no one, could speak for an extended period of time at that elevation without assistance. To do so requires your body to need more O2 and causes it to release more CO2 at a greater rate than normal, thus upsetting the bodies natural balance which can make someone deathly ill.

    He's likely not in the greatest shape (if he's at a high altitude like that for a long period of time, you're bound to be in bad shape but it's not life threatening unless you do something radical), but I don't think he's going to die anytime soon of natural causes.

    Think of it this way: at 5500m/18,044ft the air pressure is half that of sea level. At that level people can easily die due to altitude sickness. Now take the Hindu Kush, where Bin Laden may be hiding: highest level is 7,690 m (25,230 ft).

    3:06 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Listen to the second to last tape, link provided above.
    You can hear more than just O2,
    With a trachea you can't breathe while you talk, the tube has to be sealed, to talk, and open to breathe,
    With a trachea the out look has to be more negative than before.

    3:14 PM  

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