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    Monday, May 14, 2007

    3 USA POWs should be safe

    Even considering what happened to the last two USA troops that were captured, there is reason for hope.

    After a careful review of both actions it appears that the last two were captured by accident, and were killed as USA's troops grew near, the killings were then just gut reactions of the terrorists and had no plan of action after capturing the troops.

    Current Intel:

    This time they were much better organized and have had time to think and decide what would be the BEST and HIGHEST use of the USA POWS.

    As I mentioned in my last article this was a stagnate position, it was known they would be there without direct over-site.

    The time of the attack 4:44 am could suggest a desire for a deserted battlefield.
    To attack a fixed position with an IED, and have the Insurgents close enough to to immediately fall on the troops and capture them indicates allot of skill and experience.
    I suspect someday we will find Qods hand in this.

    Al Qaeda get allot more propaganda out of LIVE USA troops for videos, forced confessions and as bargaining chips in negotiation with USA.

    A dead body is good only once for propaganda, while live prisoners are good for a video op over and over again.

    They can't negotiate for a dead body but 3 live troops, USA is going to listen, and the propaganda opportunities are unlimited with LIVE troops.

    If the USA search does get close they will kill them, and blend in with locals.

    This most probably has been months in the planning, its not likely they are even looking in the right place, and USA could search the actual building they are hidden in and not even find them, such are the possibilities of a hidden buried bunker etc.

    I would expect the main goal is to use the POWS to get USA to leave Iraq.

    They have to be careful not to incite the USA public with some torture video, that just pisses of the entire country.

    They are on a very delicate balance, and want to make the most of the POWS.
    They know how often radio checks are made, and even how long it takes an emergency reactionary force to commit and arrive, probably even knew where the reactionary team was coming from.

    The knew what the USA would do, they have seen it last time, and would probably have allowed for these contingencies.

    I think the request is "NOISE" to keep us looking in the wrong place.

    They have had a year to think and plan for this, and understand the value of the POWS, it is not likely they will waste this asset by killing them.

    There is reason to expect them back alive at some future point.

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