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    Saturday, April 06, 2013

    Obama huge mistake NK & Iran

    Obama administration making HUGE ERROR.

    Kerry on diplomatic tour to far East to see
    what they can offer N Korea to back down,

    Offering a bribe to stop criminal bully.
    They will view this as USA weakness and
    rewards them for threatening WAR. 

    Bribe encourages more of this behavior
    from both N Korea and IRAN.

    Short term benefits, long term DISASTER.

    Bribe makes USA look weak, stupid.
    This is a call to all  non-nuclear nations
    to develop nukes for huge $$$ gains.

    Administration has its head up its ass. 

    Good for lame duck President, disaster
    for WORLD.

    Future of many countries to develop nukes,
    USA is providing reward and no punishment
    for violating non-proliferation treaty.  
    Encouraging violations in the future.

    Obama's advisors ball-less. 

    This will go down in the annals of History
    as Obama's encouraging nuclear bombs.

    My head spins in incredulity at the ignorant
    short sightedness of this foolish move.

    The concept will encourage Iran to a very
    bad end and moves WORLD closer to
    Everybody line up for huge rewards for
    developing NUKES.

    Would you give murder $$$ rewards after
    murder if he promises to behave? 
    Or would the REWARD again and again
    repeated  drive him to more murders for 
    the reward sans any punishment.

    I call on all Republicans to stop this.



    Internet Anthropologist



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