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    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    WWW backbone under heavy DDos attack.

    WWW backbone under heavy DDos attack.

    You getting:
    "can't find the server at..." or "DNS look-up failed"
    Attack seems heaviest at night after 3:00 am EST
    Internet backbones ("tier 1 service providers") are being
    overwhelmed by this on going DDos attack, DDos attack
    on WWW, 300 gigabits per second, just the beginning.

     At times it has been reported to be as large as 300
    gigabits per second. Traditionally even large botnets are
    only able to deliver hundreds of megabits or a few gigabits
    per second.

    We estimate they are using 150,000 mis-configured
    DNS servers, there are 21 million mis-configured DNS
    servers vulnerable and available for ANYONE.
    This maybe just the beginning.

    Details of how the attack works.

    Who is doing this?
    In Netherlands called "Cyberbunker"

    Sven Olaf Kamphuis

    It should be a capital offense for anyone taking the WWW down,
    Loss of the WWW can result in deaths of innocent, hospitals,
    911 calls, emergency services are all routed through the WWW.
    Its an act of war.
    Where are the wet teams?

    We warned of this in 2007.
    Cyber Pearl harbor.

    Supporting data from others;

    We have deployed BSU's, the world needs to
    track him down while we still have use of WWW.

    We all need to defend the WWW.

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications
    chan.will be set up for U

    Get this SOB.

    Internet Anthropologist


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