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    Thursday, March 21, 2013

    Iranians prepare for STRIKE

    We have posted about a Cyber attack
    on Iran's Banks.

    Obama has said all options are on the
    table, Military, Cyber etc.

    Emptying  all the Regimes Banks accounts
    is do-able.

    Gauss has already removed money
    from Lebanese banks, Gauss is
    already on Iran's Central Banks 
    computers. We have been tweeting 
    about it for two months now,
    abet in a dormant hidden state.

    The Gauss worm/rootkit is
    programmed to move massive
    amounts of data, to quickly
    drain Regime Accounts.

    After Iran complies they can
    put exactly the same amounts
    back in exactly the right accounts.

    Draining key accounts will knock
    out Iran's economy.

    And the Regime has few alternatives.
    Massive money printing campaign
    running 24/7 would hardly make 
    a dent, and would triple inflation.   

    Another option would be to seize 
    all the citizens money to try and 
    pay key bills, again to little to late.
    Seizing civilians bank accounts 
    would create havoc and wake the
    Green movement maybe.
    They may feel they have control 
    of the Green movement leaders 
    and risk it.

    Another defense is to close the
    banks and turn off the computers.
    Iranians should with draw enough 
    cash to get them through the crisis.
    Just to have cash on hand for food 

    Gauss has three warheads we are
    confident, ( Sources inside beltway,
    Paradigm Intel, our view inside Gauss )
    One of the cyber warheads is for banking.

    But are Iran's banks really vulnerable?
    Look at the News.

    "Trojan Signed with Valid Digital Certificates 
    Targets 23 Brazilian Banks " take notice, G

    "Cyprus' Banks Might Never Reopen: 

    South Korean banks, media report network crash - Iran watching, 
    G … via

    Iranian carrying undeclared currency $90,000 arrested;"I couldn't just leave it in Iran bank could I":

    Does USA have motive to go after
    Iranian Banks? YES.

    al-Qassam group ATTACKS on US Banks maybe responsible for US draining Iran banking system during WAR,

    USA may never have to fire a shot 
    or start a war other than a cyber attack,
    to get Iran to comply with Nuclear

    The 13th Iman paradigm leads many
    to believe Iran Regime will strike
    Israel with a nuke to bring on the 

    Our prayers are with the Iranian people
    and hope they will be prepared.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Broker series 3 & 7


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