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    Saturday, March 23, 2013

    Party TIME, Iran,Obama, Israel

    Confusion abounds;

    Obama seems to OK some Iranian
    enrichment, Kerry kissing up to

    Obama gives Israel GREEN 

    Iran claims victory over 1+5.

    @khamenei_ir sites his unwritten
    fatwa against NUKES. Meaningless.

    How to make sense out of all this?
    Body language, view vids of 
    Obama w/ Netanyahu.

    Their demeanor is remarkable,
    sure, confident self assured.
    And Netanyahu was exuberantly

    Obama mentioned Khamenei's threat
    of leveling Israeli cities if attacked.
    AND then bit his lips together.
    As if to stop himself from saying
    something further, about 4:30 on

    US knows Iran's plans for retaliation,
    and neither Obama or Netanyahu 
    is worried. They have plans to handle
    the counter strike.

    Israel and USA see different RED 
    lines for Iran to cross triggering a

    And Obama gave Israel an OK
    to attack, with assurances USA
    has their back.

    LOCATION from Where Iran will launch nukes;

    Note the 380 missile launchers/silos, 

    Obama has also made it clear
    if Iran chooses a non-Nuclear
    path the rewards will be great.
    And hasn't been bellicose with
    threats against Iran, very matter 
    of fact. 

    Choice is up to Iran.
    The Great nation of Iran can
    CHOOSE it's path, they are
    in control.

    Either way US and Israel are
    ready to respond.

    Lifting sanctions, aid or cyber
    strike followed by air strike.
    Bank Cyber strike.

    Nothing has changed, all is
    in a state of readiness.

    Stuxnet etal, is inside Iran's
    internets, sees and knows all.

    Backed by Israel's MOSAD's

    Stage is set, waiting for some
    one to call "ACTION".


    Internet Anthropologist



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