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    Monday, April 01, 2013

    N Korea nuke fails to go critical

    N Korea having problems with nuke tests.

    N Korea a failed state;
    Missiles FAIL;
    Economy FAIL;
    Satellite FAIL;
    Farming FAIL;
    Industry FAIL
    And now evidence NUKE test FAILS.

    Other equally valid paradigm Intel ;
    N Korea's nuke test failed, it did not
    make it to critical stage, mis-fired,
    no appropriate escaped gasses.

    ( OpSec prevents us from disclosing more, when
    rest breaks we will provide background, G )

    "In the days following the detonation, U.S. and South
    Korean sensors failed to detect even a trace of the
    usual radioactive gases in any of the 120 monitoring
    stations along the border and downwind from the
    test site, the officials said. A Japanese aircraft
    recorded a brief spike of one radioactive isotope,
    xenon-133, but it was seen as inconclusive, the
    analysts said. Xenon-133 is released during nuclear
    weapons tests but also given off by nuclear power plants."

    STRONG Possibility NKorea has no nukes,
    NEVER found appropriate trace gasses,
    after any of the 3 nuke tests,G   
    NKorea failed nuke state;G
    "partially failed "fizzle"
    "group concluded that the bomb failed to detonate correctly"
    "two days after the blast, Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean
    investigators had failed to detect any radiation"

    NO NUKE. Lack of radionuclide confirmation

    Why China isn't pressuring N Korea abt nukes, Radio 
    Active fallout goes to them, they have NONE.

    North Korean secrecy on bomb test fuels speculation on nuclear advances

    Internet Anthropologist

      New Korean war;

      N Korea message to Iran about Obama


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