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    Monday, April 08, 2013

    Important; Urgent Kim Jong Un blind deaf dumb

    One of the problems with a three generation
    dictatorship, especially where the leaders
    are viewed as almost a deity is that
    the propaganda gets inbred.    

    Kim Jong Un was brought up being taught
    by his father and his father's father that
    North Korea was un-defeatable. 

    His father was not about to tell Kim Jong Un
    that he was lying about N Korea's strength,
    and military abilities.

    Like any good son, Kim Jong Un believed
    his father, DAD wouldn't lie to me.

    Kim Jong Un has been brought up steeped in his
    country's propaganda. The question
    becomes does Kin Jong Un know its
    propaganda? Or does he REALLY believe
    it? Does he really think N Korea is a
    world power?

    After his father died and he came into power
    Kim Jong Un had four of his father's Generals
    murdered. One using an hi explosive belt
    while other Generals watched.

    Were these four Generals trying to explain
    N Koreas military might was all fiction?
    In effect calling Kim Jong Un's father a liar?
    Explaining the difference between propaganda
    and reality may have cost them their lives.

    In N Korea punishment isn't administered only
    to the guilty but if you go to prison so do your
    children and parents. Conviction applies to
    three generations.

    In this environment paranoia is healthy, logical.
    Who in N Korea would speak truth to power?

    Kim Jong Un maybe his own prisoner in a cocoon
    of lies of his own making.

    Who is going to tell him all three of his
    nuclear tests were failures?

    Telling him the truth about N Korea's nuke test
    could get you murdered or at least three generations
    of your family put in prison.

    Is there anyone in N Korea that can tell
    Kim Jong Un First Secretary of the Workers' 
    Party of Korea, the Chairman of the  
    Central Military Commission,  
    First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army,
    and also a presidium member of the 
    Central Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea 

    He may really think N Korea is a world
    power capable of beating both S Korea
    and USA.

    He just didn't seem to know N Korean
    missiles could not hit USA.

    He was made a fool and doesn't know it.
    It maybe safer to let Kim Jong Un
    believe what he wants and tell him
    USA is lying about missiles not
    being able to hit USA.

    Safer for his Generals to tell
    Kim Jong Un the nuke tests were successful
    than tell him the nukes failed to go critical.

    Kim Jong Un may have no real idea of
    N Korea's military capabilities
    And have no idea he is bluffing.

    If this hypothesis is correct we expect
    him to follow through on his threats.
    And when he runs into initial failures
    to throw everything he has to try and
    save face.

    Kim Jong Un may be more dangerous 
    than any knows.

    Tomorrow is a key day in N Korea
    expect something, be prepared for
    all out N Korean war, abet a dismal failure.

    If the chance arises consideration should
    be given to taking N korea OUT.
    End of 30 yr tooth ache & excellent
    message to Iran  
    How Korean war will go;
    What it will look like;

    Internet Anthropologist 


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