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    Saturday, March 30, 2013

    War with N Korea

    N Korea has been running bombastic
    threats recently towards S Korea and

    North Korea's state-run media reported the "state of war" declaration in a statement attributed to all government agencies and released a day after mass rallies were conducted in Pyongyang with demonstrators chanting "death to US imperialists".

     "As of now, inter-Korea relations enter a state of war and all matters between the two Koreas will be handled according to wartime protocol," the statement said.

    Historically they  commit some provocation
    on holidays, Easter Sunday will find S Korea
    and USA on high alert.

    But this time its different, in the past S Korea
    has just endured these attacks, this time I
    expect USA and S Korea will react.

    Their justified self defense runs the risk
    N Korea will escalate the attacks leading
    to the possibility of a war.

    Kim Jong-un is surrounded  by "Yes men"
    who may be making false assurances about
    N Korea's Military might.

    Kim Jong-un grew up with N Korea's
    propaganda and his fathers bravado and
    false stories about N Korea's military 
    strength. So he may actually believe
    N Korea can take on S Korea and USA
    and win.

    He might actually believe his maps
    showing attacks on America's East
    and West coasts.

    A hard hit on N Korea might actually
    work bringing Kim Jong-un up to
    speed on reality and send a clear 
    message to Iran.

    I would expect any large escalation
    to take out his nuclear plants.
    Which neither Russia or China 
    would mind.

    Another option if they can take out
    Kim Jong-un regime would be     
    to give N Korea to China, they 
    would get a buffer zone and cheap
    labor and the people would be much
    better off.
    And USA wouldn't get stuck with
    the cost of rebuilding N Korea,
    or any policing activities.

    This maybe a very interesting

    Internet Anthropologist

    Paradigm Intel just in;
    North Korea may not even have a nuke  

    Why N Korea thinks it can win WAR 
    against SK & USA.



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