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    Monday, August 08, 2011

    If the Twain meets, its a crash for Democracy

    There is a threat forming bigger than al qaeda.
    Wall St Banks have become the New Mafia:
    bail out
    GOP $700 billion tax cut for BILLIONAIRE Bankers
    housing fraud

    WTF Banks to Pay $25 BillionBribe For Immunity
    Black pools
    flash crashes

    #1 Sub-prime debacle .
    Wall St Banks make huge profits
    selling "D" grade paper S&P marked up
    to "AAA". 
    #2 Wall St Banks Greed led to a credit melt
    down when the Sub-prime ponzi scam crashed
    and the Wall St Banks got caught with worthless
    sub-Prime paper,
    #3 The US Government and Federal Reserve bailed
    the Wall St Banks out to the tune of $3 trillion dollars.
    #4 Wall St Banks got the Comptroller of the Currency to legalize Usury.
    #5 The sub-prime debacle directly lead to the current 
    depression or Recession,  Hundreds of thousands of Americans loosing
    their jobs and homes.  

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: PBS tape, Wall St Banks cause Crash...

     #6 Wall St Banks fraudulent using forged documents to do
    illegal foreclosures on hundreds of Thousands of homes.

    And now the Wall St Bank Insider trading on the S&P US debt down Grade:

    The next threat is pending:
    It seems the Wall St Banks have made eunuchs of the FBI.
    While the FBI wants to investigate them and even had a mandate 
    to do so.
     Senate Investigation of Wall St Banks - Internet Anthropologist ...

    But Congress (GOP) just removed the funding for the FBI to do so
    turning the FBI into Eunuchs.

    Why NO prosecution of Wall St banks? - Internet Anthropologist ...

    The F.B.I. had expressed concerns about mortgage improprieties as early as 2004. But it was not until four years later that its officials recommended closing several investigative programs to free agents for financial fraud cases, according to two people briefed on a study by the bureau.
    The study identified about two dozen regions where mortgage fraud was believed rampant, and the bureau’s criminal division created a plan to investigate major banks and lenders. Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the F.B.I., approved the plan, which was described in a memo sent in spring 2008 to the bureau’s field offices.
    “We were focused on the whole gamut: the individuals, the mortgage brokers and the top of the industry,” said Kenneth W. Kaiser, the former assistant director of the criminal investigations unit. “We were looking at the corporate level.”
    A year later — with precious time lost — several lawmakers decided that the government needed more people tracking financial crimes. Congress passed a bill, providing a $165 million budget increase to the F.B.I. and Justice Department for investigations in this area. But when lawmakers got around to allocating the budget, only about $30 million in new money was provided. And the FBI didn't get even the $30 mil.
    This is the first signal of Wall St Banks exerting control over the FBI.
    (Hoover would have knew how to handle this with congress, GOP.)

    During the GWOT the FBI's  powers have grown significantly.
    Historically Osama Bin Laden will be credited with the death of privacy in USA,
    greatly increasing the powers of the USA police state.
    The patriot act gives the FBI investigative powers to delve into anyones
    private lives without warrant and a criminal prohibition against even
    telling the citizen they have been spied on.

    If these two Twains meet, the new Wall St Mafia and the FBI's
    super secret investigative powers combine it could be a death knell for
    Democracy in USA.

    It would only require the appointment of the of key indivuals
    at the head of the DOJ and FBI.

    Paradigm Intel sees no impediments to the Wall St Bankers mafia
    continued rape of America since the FBI section investigating them
    was UNFUNDED, (GOP)

    The Wall St Bankers Buddie who marked their worthless sub-prime
    paper to "AAA" just degraded US debt to "AA" so the Wall St bankers
    could make Trillions shorting the market in a -1200 point decline of the DOW.

    The Wall St Banking Mafia is truly untouchable.

    Anthropologist, Broker
    Gerald floor NYSE


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Here you go,

    "A mystery investor or hedge fund reportedly made a bet of almost $1billion at odds of 10/1 last month that the U.S. would lose its AAA credit rating."

    Not surprising that a British paper would point the finger at Soros but no one knows who is responsible.

    9:02 PM  

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