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    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Pardigm Intel ISI was hiding OBL

    The Paradigm Intel is fairly conclusive:
    ISI was hiding OBL 

    ISI's reactions and TTP Taliban indicate
    behaviors consistent with a secret agreement
    between ISI and the TTP branch of the Taliban
    to hide Ossama Bin Laden

    ISI took two days to respond to OBL death.
    And the Taliban reaction against Pakistan
    is consistent with the actions of a party
    who's honor has been aggrieved in that culture. 

    Obama was right on in not trusting ISI with
    the operational details of OBL location.
    ISI would have made short work of the 
    operation and stopped it.

    TTP has attacked Pakistan mil in wave after
    wave of attacks across Pakistan, and their
    Military has launched ZERO, none counter
    strikes, just absorbed the attacks.

    The Paki Mil and the ISI are afraid the TTP
    will out the ISI on their operation to protect 
    The TTP Taliban even used a different sopkesperson
    to announce the Karachi attack on the Military base.
    Didn't trust normal channels for data.
    The @alemarahweb had no advance info on
     the attack and were not even notified after the
    22 hr attack was in progress, they were not allowed
    to even tweet on it, and were completely cut off
    from information. They only had a few tweets
    in Urdu.
    Background:Actions, inactions Taliban, TTP webmasters IPs, etc

    wikipedia lists the TTP as an arm of al qaeda. 

    There  is little doubt ISI was hiding OBL.
    And TTP continues to black mail ISI,
    and ISI and the Military fear counterattacks
    against the TTP and are just taking the hits,
    and deaths of their troops.

    This even raises the question about the missing
    Urdu attackes that are missing in the attack on the
    Paki military base, it was surrounded, even had
    extra 600 special forces brought in,
    and some of the attackers disappeared?

    Did they blackmail their way out?
    Is the TTP threatining to expose ISI
    for hiding OBL?

    ISI has been exposed by their actions,
    inactions and the Talibans reactions to
    OBL's death.

    Question is will this turn ISI and the Paki
    military against the TTP, or make them
    better allies?

    Can the Paki civil Government take control
    of the Military and ISI or will they continue
    to run the country as they wish.



    War Anthropologist

    Wanted TTP to confirm ISI was hiding OBL,
    We welcome Informants, SPYS, TTP,Taliban members,ISI. Secure,encrypted,cloaked communications channel set up 4 U

    Should an independent commission be set up to find out why Osama was living n .. There was no commission set up, that says alot.
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