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    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    Paradigm Intel.

    By +JO.

    In 2009 Fox news report David Wright highlighted attacks to the U.S. infrastructure where system integrity was compromised and where “backdoors and remote controlled access” were programmed into the grid’s operating system. Regardless of the perpetrators, the fact remains clear- a business that provides services that are integral to security, defense and quality of life need to provide certain assurances when compromised by an outside Digital force.

    If these fissures in hardware, software, products and services rendered are allowable, then how do we strengthen the infrastructure? Cyber is a geopolitical construct, it is a result of Trend, Policy and Infrastructure, the central theme then becomes how much political liability does a Nation-State deem allowable?

    The Cyber conversation in America has to bi-partisan in nature, there has to be a cohesive Cyber-Surety plan that is adhered to for several decades to come.

    Stuxnet is proof of concept a potential of the construct of a WMD in the Digitas.

    But there is NO Cyber-Surety plan, no possible
    defensive construct, the paradigm doesn't exist.

    Its a false concept like a crime-less country.
    Stuxnet spread even when the equipment was not
    connected to the WWW.

    We can expect in time the proliferation of
    a cyber WMD coupled to the "crime as service"
    paradigm the cyber underground are so successfully

    Currently there are no effective defensive measure
    in the Digitas.
    And US appears to be MIA on the offensive cyber paradigm.

    Since there isn't an effective defense, US Cyber Forces
    will be forced to go on the offensive.
    Question is will they do this before or after a catastrophic 
    digitas attack on US infrastructure?

    A cyber WMD attack on US could make 911 look
    like a traffic accident, in terms of death and damage.

    One vector to secure the WWW from a WMD,
    is intel collection, penetration and a wet team
    deployed to take out any head of a criminal cyber 
    family doing business with a terrorist group.

    Legally I think the paradigm is defensible.
    A pre-emptive strike on a sneak attack with
    a cyber WMD.

    I becomes a question of proofs and evidence.

    This criminal WMD paradigm is apparent,
    all the pieces are there, the world awaits
    its assemblage, and US response.

    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    War Anthropologist



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