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    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    Afghan Strategy, the balloon, Gold Egg

    New Afghan Strategy:
    Ignoring the balloon and the Gold Egg.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Paradigm Intel:
    Afpak is like working with a balloon
    and a dotted line around the center.
    One side is Afghan and on the other
    half of the balloon is Pakistan.
    The dotted line is Durand Line,

    USA saw the effects of the Balloon
    with Bin Laden in 2001.
    The US troops and others squeezed
    the Afgan side of the balloon and the
    Taliban and al Qaeda went to Pakistan.
    Squeeze one side of balloon and the
    other side grows.

    Now in 2009 again US is going to
    squeeze the Afghan side of the Balloon
    with 30,000 troops.
    So now where will the balloon expand
    with Taliban and al Qaeda?
    To Pakistan.

    The balloon must be squeezed from
    BOTH sides at the SAME TIME.
    That would provide a chance of
    Breaking the Taliban, al Qaeda

    After 8 years there is still no
    combined Afghan/ Paki force
    fighting their common enemy,
    the Taliban.

    Hammer and anvil. NOT.
    Currently its;
    Hammer and Pakistani air.

    Now it seems the Taliban need to hide
    on the Paki side of the border for 1.5 to 2.5 years,
    when Obama says he will bring US troops home.
    Then they can invade Afghan again.


    Afpak Paradigm refit. GOLDEN EGG

    When Pakistan became a nuclear power
    USA cut off ALL foreign aid because of the

    Then Paki gets a GOLDEN EGG,
    Bin Laden,
    And the US has paid out 10 to 15 Billion USD.
    in aid to Paki to try and find Binny.
    Binny got the US aid started back up
    for Pakistan REALLY BIG TIME.

    And Paki just can't find their Golden
    Egg, Bin Laden, to hand over to the US.

    Just no idea where the Golden Egg is.
    This would make a " GREAT GAME".



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