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    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Our Paradigm Intel, an Exclusive

    Our Paradigm Intel, an Exclusive: 10/28/2009 09:08:00 PM
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Currently there is a disconnect between CIA and
    Army doctrine on the Afgan War. CIA is running
    counter Terrorism operation while the Army is moving to a counter insurgency effort...

    Seems the conflict between the CIA and Army is
    coming into the open.
    Army want 40,000 more troops to win hearts and minds ( counter insurgency ).
    CIA doesn't need that to just kill Taliban, ( counter terrorism )( Drones ).


    21 days later the Press gets it. G
    Politics with Marc AmbinderNov 18 2009, 8:14 am

    For months, the CIA director, Leon Panetta, and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Adm. Dennis Blair (ret.), fought an intense and acrimonious turf battle over covert action oversight and access to White House officials. Last week, the two men agreed to a truce when they signed a classified memorandum brokered by the National Security Adviser, James Jones.

    Through intermediaries, Panetta and Blair crossed swords over who should appoint senior intelligence representatives in foreign countries. Now, through interviews, new details are emerging about other, more sensitive conflicts between the two men and their agencies, including which agency is responsible for oversight of the CIA's controversial and classified Predator drone program.

    According to the agreement, the details of which were confirmed by several officials, the CIA will retain responsibility for appointing senior intelligence representatives in foreign countries. But other parts of the agreement seem to favor Blair. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will now be at the table whenever the CIA covert action programs are discussed at the White House. Also, Blair now has the authority to assess whether covert action programs fit with the nation's intelligence strategy.



    More Paradigm Intel:

    The release of this info indicates how well the CIA is doing on the
    GWOT. The CIA stood up against the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
    The DNI is the head of the Intelligence Community. This indicates the CIA
    is kicking terrorist ass. And they got concessions.

    This is good news for the GWOT, CIA is doing very well on the GWOT.

    Our Paradigm Intel in operation.


    Another score for our Paradigm Intel.:

    Our Intel teams and BSU's have picked up noise
    about IAEA team coming back early, inspecting
    only one site.

    We have one weak confirmation.
    Seeking confirmation from UN sources.

    Paradigm Intel:
    If this is true, it is bad news.
    It could indicate they found out
    something significantly wrong
    and canceled second inspection.

    Awaiting public release.



    ...".iF is true,( it was ) it is bad news.
    It could indicate they found out
    something significantly wrong
    and canceled second inspection." G

    The BAD NEWS. Released 23 days later.

    November 19, 2009, 4:29 PM (GMT+02:00)

    DEBKAfile's military sources report that the UN inspectors' October visit to Iran turned up dual-track progress in support of its nuclear weapons program: Feverish activity was registered in the production of plutonium at Isfahan as an alternative to the Fordo enriched uranium plant near Qom which starts up in 2011.

    The IAEA experts discovered 30 metric tons-IS of heavy water hidden in 600 tanks, each holding 13 gallons, according to the report they handed in last week to agency headquarters in Vienna.

    From the shape of the tanks and other indications, the experts concluded that this stock had not come from the heavy water plant at Arak but was imported.

    Metric tons-IS measure the amount of energy a given quantity can release. The force and types of nuclear bombs are gauged in kilotons or megatons. The American nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II was equal to 20 kilotons of TNT. By this standard, the amount of heavy water discovered at Isfahan would be enough to make at least one plutonium bomb when the plutonium reactor under construction near the Arak heavy water facility is finished.

    Other than its civilian uses, heavy water may be used to produce tritium, which intensifies the explosive force of nuclear warheads. The discovery of quantities of heavy water at Isfahan confirms the suspicions surrounding Iran's nuclear program in three respects.

    1. The long concealment of the Fordo site suggested to the UN inspectors that Iran has more hole-in the-corner nuclear facilities in the country. The discovery of a stock of heavy water further confirmed that Tehran is working hard to attain a nuclear weapon capacity on more than one track and at additional covert sites.

    2. The IAEA wants to know who is selling Iran heavy water in violation of Security Council resolutions banning the sale or export of nuclear materials to Iran.

    The very fact that some government or outside entity is willing to flout UN resolutions demonstrates that any further international sanctions would be ineffective for halting Iran's nuclear drive, even assuming that President Barack Obama gained Russian and Chinese backing for such penalties. This backing has so far been withheld.

    DEBKAfile's sources report from Vienna that on November 10, IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei sent a request to the Iranian Nuclear Energy Committee asking it to confirm the presence of the heavy water and document its origin with a full explanation. Tehran has yet to reply.

    3. The presence of the heavy water tanks at Isfahan is additional proof that the reactor at Arak is designed for military purposes, not a peaceful installation as Tehran claims.


    "Paradigm Intel" is Fun.
    We been doing it since 2006.



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