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    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Why Afghan needs more US troops

    Why Afghan needs more US troops

    The Taliban are using a vapor type attack against US Troops.

    From one our sources inside the beltway.

    "Swarm and dissolve, over and over, classic hit and run tactics. Hiding behind or posing as noncombatants, using noncombatants for resupply. We are doing much better, at first contact, of sealing off the battlefield. If that can happen we kill or capture them all.

    The enemy is getting much better at not grouping together. Now their strikes have many fewer attackers, who fall back hoping we will pursue into preset kill zones full of
    IED's. Unless the enemy can see a way of avoiding air strikes such as attacking in sand storms or setting smokey fires in foggy valleys.

    It is rare when we can hunt them down, mostly we probe with walking patrols and respond to contact. Not a good way to fight a counter-insurgency.

    The enemies weakness is concealment, being spotted from the air, by direct visibility or infra-red at night. Our weakness is lack of local
    intel, ability to hold territory, and mobility. "

    The troops are needed to cordon off the area to trap the Taliban ambushes, and their retreating forces.
    The Taliban attack the bait, US foot patrols then they drop the net around the area and sweep up the Taliban.

    Obama close to making a decision....





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