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    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    NSA cripple thyself:

    NSA cripple thyself:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    NSA has keys to some of the Internet.
    Its their job, cyber spying, penetration,
    messing with the bad guys.

    Now some are calling for them to
    defend against cyber attacks.
    To share the penetration technology
    mostly how to defend against the
    cyber attacks they are mandated
    to carry out.

    The better cyber security gets
    the harder their job is.

    EXAMPLE: If NSA protects against
    an publicly unknown exploit the hackers
    are using then NSA would also be blocking
    themselves from using that Exploit.

    USA can't ask NSA to screw up its
    own mission to protect USA networks.

    Well they could but its counter productive
    for NSA to do so.

    For special cases its ok to call in NSA,
    But its not ok to ask them to dismantle its
    own penetration technology by providing
    methods to defeat their primary mission.

    Somebody else has to do it.
    It would be like asking a SWAT team
    to publicize how to prevent them from
    gaining access to buildings.

    NSA needs to rebuff this attempt
    at crippling their mandated Mission.





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