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    Friday, November 20, 2009

    IATT, FBI, 60 min,McAfee RIGHT.

    IATT, FBI, 60 min,McAfee RIGHT.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Our Paradigm Intel has been heard.

    We have been broadcasting the risk of a Cyber Pearl harbor
    for about 2 years now.

    Others are coming around.

    McAfee warns of cyber risk:
    McAfee says, "There have been increasing reports of cyber attacks and network infiltrations that appear to be linked to nation-states and political goals." The worries can prompt threatened nations, like Israel, to prepare defensive and offensive cyber weapons, leading to what the information security giant says can be a "cyber arms race". McAfee says that the private sector is at even greater risk, and that governments should prepare for cyber warfare.
    Their Full report here.

    NEFA pdf ( Can't copy any text, once again NEFA makes their
    reports nearly usless. G )

    What does a Cyber raid look like?

    USA leads in Cyber War Universe.
    But could a surprise attack take out
    USA's offensive counterattack?

    Some of the data raids present their
    own unique problems.

    12 terabytes of data has been downloaded
    in 2007 from the State Dept, DOD, Dept of
    Commerce, Dept of Energy, NSA , etc.
    As a student I used to back up my Universitys computer
    systems, 7 terabytes, and that took 8 hours.
    8 hours of automated computers copying data at close
    to the speed of light.
    12 terabytes is about the size of the Library
    of Congress.

    ( And the USA doesn't know what Government did it.
    The answer to who the thief is, may lie in its size.
    How do you exploit a data base the size of the
    Library of Congress, as the data is hot and current
    processing in a timely manner is of utmost importance.
    What government has enough cleared/vetted troops
    that read Eng lish to try and exploit the data in a timely manner?
    Who had massive outlays of cash for IT in that
    time frame, or what government dumped a huge
    IT project , to focus on this data base around that
    time. Its going to take considerable resources to
    keep and use this Elephant. G )

    What do you do with a data base the size of the
    Library of Congress in a foreign language.

    Globalization is addicted to the Internet, it makes
    everything so easy, fast and comprehensive its

    And the old MAD paradigm is fully in operation
    with other state actors, Mutually assured destruction.
    In case of cyber attack, unless they think they think
    its possible to take out YOUR internet.

    And you can't ask NSA to make the web safe.

    So the paradigm allows for others to look at your cards,
    but not burn down the club house.

    Terrorist and suicidal states ( Iran ) love
    the MAD paradigm, Mutual Destruction
    is a goal for some of them.

    On the Internet its the 1700's there ain't NO SHERIFF.

    Short term the Internet not gona die,
    long term the prognosis could be terminal.
    Its serious and getting worse.

    The context needs to change to Safty
    first, functionality second.

    And it needs a Sheriff with a big stick.
    And right now only America has a big
    cyber stick.

    Internet Anthropolomgist, ad Magum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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