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    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Iran can be forced to negotiate.

    Iran can be forced to negotiate.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Current paradigm encourages Iran
    to develop nukes.

    They have been caught three times
    violating the nonproliferation treaty.

    Sanctions are a failure as demonstrated
    by N. Korea and Iran's action to date.

    If Obama can neuter Israel then the
    twelver regime will become a hostile
    nuclear weapons power in the Middle
    East, and Saudie Arabia the Sunnies
    and Israel will pay the price.

    Obama's paradigm on Iran seems
    to be short sighted and will cost him
    the next election and the support of

    And while it would be racists and wrong
    I'm afraid,
    Iran getting a Nuke during Obama's
    tenure may cast a dark cloud
    on any future Black Presidents.
    Especially if Iran uses its nuke.

    A nuclear Iran poses a mortal
    threat to Israel. Will Israel break
    with tradition and allow this threat
    to its existence, it becomes a question
    of survival and Balls.

    Excerpts from Debka:
    The US president's tough words and willingness to step out of his axiomatic insistence on dialogue and turn to economic warfare against Iran may be impressive but it is no longer effective. Tehran is too close to its goal of a nuclear weapons capability to be deterred by offers of engagement or economic penalties.

    Defense secretary Robert Gates hit the nail on the head when he said Friday: "The reality is there is no military option that does anything more than buy time. The estimates are one to three years or so."...after which Tehran would pick itself up and start again.

    For Israel and Middle East, a three-year setback is a very long time, a security boon worth great risk, because a) It would be a happy respite from the dark clouds hanging over the country from Iran and also cut back Hamas and Hizballah terrorist capabilities, and b) In the volatile Middle East anything can happen in 36 months.


    A point missed by Gates and Debka is the extension of an attack paradigm.
    If attacked Iran can pick up and start its nuke program again but it then
    realizes they are subject to a second attack.

    This will force them to negotiate.
    The attack paradigm forces them to negotiate, it is the only
    option for them if they want to develop nuclear power.

    The attack paradigm moves them from stalling in order
    to get a nuke ,
    Negotiating in order to try and work towards a nuke.

    Iran becoming a nuclear power is an Historical epic
    fail for Obama, and will brand him for all time.

    Iran can be forced to negotiate.
    But not with sanctions.





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