Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran to test a Nuke in 2009

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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Iran to test a Nuke in 2009

    Iran to test a Nuke in 2009
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    When Iran tests a underground nuke will the world follow the same protocol
    they have for N. Korea?

    Economic sanctions have not worked on a pre-nuke Iran.
    Nor have they worked on a post nuclear N. Korea.

    Has anyone noticed the paradigm is broke?
    It doesn't work.

    Economic sanctions just don't work.

    N. Korea has proven there are no consequences for testing a nuke.
    Twice they have proved their paradigm.
    Iran already is suffering economic sanctions.
    If they test a nuke nothing will happen,
    just like in N. Korea. Nothing happens.

    Look at Iran's risk reward ratio,
    NO RISK,

    Hmmm wonder what they will choose to do.
    or not test.
    They have to test in 2009, Iran is running out of time
    Paradigm Intel says Iran will test a nuke in 2009.
    With N. Korea's support and guidance, and /or materials.

    Internet Anthropologist.


    As if test-blasting a nuke wasn’t provocative enough. North Korea may be getting ready for even more destabilizing measures, U.S. intelligence analysts believe.

    A cl0se reading of the North Korean government’s recent pronouncements suggests to the Director of National Intelligence’s Open Source Centerthat Kim Jong-Il “regime is poised to take additional escalatory steps in the near future, despite any additional international isolation that might result.”


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    Kim maybe deranged, medically. LINK.

    Iran years ahead of Israel's missile defenses

    Forecast: A Strike Irans Nukes in 2009

    Is a Nuclear Iran Obama's legacy?

    Iran's Nuke.


    Bright side maybe:

    From our source inside the beltway.

    " NK nukes are all plutonium, Iran is uranium based so not much tech swap. .....No nuke test for Iran this year, they are at least 2 years away unless they can buy the fuel somehow. Iran has chosen the uranium based nuke which really isolates them from the Paki-NK weapons family. Iran did so because they have a decent supply of uranium ore and have had use of a uranium test reactor since the seventies to train all their techs on (US supplied BTW).

    Going down the uranium based weapons path forces them into some very technically difficult delivery sytems as uranium bombs are hard to make portable.

    Update on NK, we were watching the test site with a KH-12 recon satellite that has infrared and 6" ground resolution. We saw the construction work, mining and buildings being built there and we were expecting a nuke test, it was no surprise. However, the Obama administration chose to sit on the intel and not warn the NK or leak it to the press. Unknown political motives for that. Could be we didn't want to reveal sources, but the S Koreans have been talking about the site for a couple of years and were not surprised by the test...."


    Possible delivery of completed nuke to Iran from N. Korea.

    Plenty of motives plus $$$.

    How close can a N. Korean fishing trawler

    get to American shores?


    North Korea ready to sell nuclear weapons to al-Qaeda, expert warns

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Warning to Iranian Civilians




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