Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban Leader's Wash. Threat Is Credible, Analysts Say (NOT)

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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Taliban Leader's Wash. Threat Is Credible, Analysts Say (NOT)

    Taliban Leader's Wash. Threat Is Credible, Analysts Say ( NOT, G )
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank



    Paradigm Intel indicates:

    The Taliban have already done this in.Mumbai.

    They have some experience with this paradigm.

    While an attack on some port similar to the 
    set up in Mumbai, is a higher probality.

    But DC?
    To many miles inland even with the rivers and lakes.

    We save seen they have the logistics to support
    a covert sea voage, but to America, thats a new
    level of difficulity.
    But doable. And a very high probality 
    ISI would have a hand in it.
    If they do attack conus, the drone
    attacks in Paki should quadruple,


    Lets visualize the Taliban motoring up the Potamic 
    to Wahsington DC.
    ( Under decks )
    Dis embark at a park, ( with cameras, looking like a film crew ) hijack cars and armed with 
    AK's rocket grenades and cell phones then shoot 
    their way to the White House.

    Nope, American drivers would crash into them, just like
    the Americans took on the terrorist on in the fourth plane
    on 911. 
    And SWAT would be backed up by the Secret Service.
    They might get to Constutitional Ave.


    Paradigm Intel says 20 in attack team,
    double the Mumbai attack.

    Update: 2009/3/28 14:18 This has not been verified:
    I need source, url, forum.

    There is a wedding, and invited to attend ...
    There is a wedding, and invited to attend ... 


    هل تصدقون ان قلت لكم انه هناك عرس كبير ...وعن قريب.. 

    Is Tsedkon that I told you there was a large wedding ... and soon .. 

    عرس لا زفاف ولا ختان ولا عقيقة ولا خطوبة ولكنه عرس ..فيه نهني شيخ الجهاد والمجاهدين اسامة بن لادن قائلين ... كل عام وطاغوت يموت وانتم بخير... 

    Wedding not a wedding or circumcision or not aqeeqah betrothal, but when the wedding .. Nahni Jihad and the Mujahideen Sheikh Osama bin Laden, saying ... every year and die, you are indeed fine ... 

    عرس سوف تختلط فيه دمعتان دمعة فرح من قلب مكلوم ودمعة نفاق من قلب معلوم.. 

    Wedding will be mixed with the tears of joy when Dmatan Maclom from the heart and the tears of hypocrisy from the heart is known .. 

    سوف يفرح انصار السلفية الجهادية اياما ويقيموا ولائما ويرفعوا اعلاما مع تهليل وتكبير 

    Supporters will be happy days and the Salafi Jihadi and blaming assess and raise flags with the cheers and Zoom 

    وهناك خلف الستارة اقوام يبكون وحق لهم البكاء فقد رحل عنهم طاغوتهم الذي منح واعطي ورفع ووضع منهم اقواما واقواما ... 

    There was crying behind the curtain folks have the right to have left them crying Tagutem given and given and to develop them and met some people who feel, and met some people who feel ... 

    اما من فهم موضوعي فهو مدعوا للحفلة الكبري واما من اختلط عليه فيوم العرس تاتيك الدعوة مع وردة فقط اصبر وانتظر 

    The objective is to understand the guests for the big party, but were confused by the day of the wedding invitation Tatek with his only patient and wait 

    ويؤمئذ يفرح المؤمنون بنصر الله 

    Iwmiz and the believers will rejoice in Allah's victory 

    Re: There is a wedding, and invited to attend ...
    This message would be indicative of an upcoming attack. 

    One of the FreeRepublic members has offered a translation:


    “Do you believe if I told you that there will be a big wedding and soon…

    A wedding that has no matrimony, no circumcision, no engagement, but it is a wedding. In this wedding we congratulate the sheikh of Jihad and Moujahdeen Osama Bin Laden saying to him: Happy New Year and a bad ruler would die.

    A wedding that will have two tears. A happy tear from a wounded heart and a tear of hypocrisy from a known heart. The supporter of Jihad will be happy, they will have feasts, and they will raise the banners chanting and saying allah akbar.

    And there behind the curtain there are some people crying, they have the right to cry because their bad ruler who elevated them and made them has left them.

    He who understood what I wrote is invited to the big party and he who is confused will receive the invitation to the wedding and a rose attached to it. Just be patient and wait.

    At that day the believers will celebrate the victory of allah”


    Mehsud has no record of actually striking targets abroad although he is suspected of being behind a 10-man cell arrested in Barcelona in January 2008 for plotting suicide attacks in Spain.



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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Think back for a moment.
    What was the trigger message for 9/11?

    The message was about a wedding.

    Now look at what Casey found:

    11:30 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    An attack on Washington may be figurative. It could be something that represents Washington, like an embassy or Potus.

    Notice his schedule

    Notice that Baitullah is suspected of a previous attempt in Europe last year.

    It is not outside the realm of possibilities.

    12:04 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    I need the source?
    Where was this posted?


    12:16 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Got one posting of the wedding message.


    12:50 PM  

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