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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Paradigm Intel:Drones:

    Paradigm Intel:Drones:
    By Gerald Inernet Anthropologist Think  Tank.

    Do the drones bother you?
         No not me, Bosses get very bothered.
         They curse the drones.
         We must have a LP out at all times to warn of any drones in area.
         Bosses loose much sleep, some sleep out in the pines, away from
        all structures, they think everybody spying on them.
        Unknown people are not even allowed into the village.
        The drones are a big Pain, They make us very nervous.
        Some drones attacks ...were with out drones...
        no one heard anything... .
        Every one get very nervous when big bosses arrive.
        Maybe a drone strike.

        Morale is bad, paranoia, fights, drugs even some alcohol.
        The martyrs are the worst.they are so holy, going to see Allah SOON,
        not soon enough, when they die all their sins are forgiven.
        So they are sinning, drugs, whores, boys, gambling, of course 
        in public they act holy.
        Always the demands special food, sleeping, rooms.
        Always thin they are so important, and constant attention and reassurance.
        Some deserted when the time came, so we put in a real dead switch,
        They take the bomb vest off and boom. They are not balanced well mentally,
        some are dumb.

        We try to keep them separate from our people to avoid "holy" fights.
        The bosses watch the sky and who is watching them.
        Some of the attacks have been on secret meetings, where
        where only them members knew, Everybody watches everybody, trust no one.
         Many bosses smoke themselves to sleep. on hair triggers.
        Many function in a drug haze, And drop off to sleep al the time during the day.
        Batteries are in short supply, the drone listening posts radios are on all the time.

        Less money than before, Food worse.
        No shortage of ammo.
        During operations you try to know who is to high to function and who is just buzzed.
        If you have suicide bomber you try and get them into a group and keep them together.

        Many health problems, teeth, bathroom, weak, tired and depressed.
        But not all the time, just sometimes.
        It is very hard to kill an American, to shoot at them brings "Steel Rain"
        IED traps are best, with several triggers.

        Fleas, bugs, or cold constant.
        Some are dirty and refuse to wash.
        Constant lectures and prayers, more and more rules.
        Bosses very hard to work for very demanding and ill tempered..
        But they get lots of money from time to time.
        Some days I just want to go back to simple farming.
        I know some things are wrong, against Allah.
        but I say nothing.

        Some of the bosses crate kids around for protection.
        Maybe no drone if kids. Spies everywhere.
        All the kids drive me crazy, and very hard to keep them quiet.

        Bosses don't know how America is able to target them, makes 
        them crazy. Mean.

        They give you holy orders, then try and bribe you.
         If all fails they kill you.

         Bosses kill hard core druggies, homos , and difficult.

         Whiners are beat or whipped..
         Arabs the worst, trying to show how tough and holy they are.
         And expecting special treatment as martyrs.
         Your articles about Taliban health and mental were not far off.

         Many more are killed than America reports,
         very little medical treatment for wounded,
         Always need more men.
         Everybody is tired of this war........





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