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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Gov.180 degree turn

    Gov.180 degree turn
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    This isn't about Obama, as far as we have been 
    able to tell.

    Bots picked up a lot of noise and chatter about 
    USA Goverment in situation in Mexico.
    This comes after they found 50 cals with drug 
    dealers in Mexico and the attack in India.

    Every one from the State Department to the 
    Army, Justice Dept.most of the Feds have 
    been on this.

    Paradigm Intel suggests huge interest in the 
    subject. We have warned others to boycott 
    Mexico, the kidnappings and murders
    in Mexico reminds one of Iraq in the early 
    days of the GWOT.

    Our hypothesis is planning for a Indina type 
    attack from Mexico.

    In the last hours in Office President Bush 
    gave the border patrol agents a Pardon, 
    the ones that shot a Mexican drug smuggler 
    in the ass.
    The Government needs to make these guys
    whole again, jobs and payment for lost wages 
    and dammages.

    Can't do even covert ops with durg lords, they 
    are drug lords.

    The Government has the Blue prints from the 
    India attack and I'm pleased they are acting so fast.
    Now to make sure the bad guys learn USA is 
    waiting for them.

    The threat is real, we tracked al Qaeda's interest 
    in 341 lbs of weapons grade nuke material
    and now we read the report of the poor dumb 
    bastards spreading the Black Death
    among their cells. 40 dead.

    The Inaguration seems to be as hardened as 
    Bots are picking up no chatter or noise.





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