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    Monday, May 14, 2007

    Bin laden, comatose:

    U.S. troops in AfghanistanImage via Wikipedia

    Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is still alive but maintaining a low profile, Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said in a latest video release.

    "According to my information Osama is still alive," Hekmatyar, a former Afghan prime minister, said in the video aired by Al-Arabiya television late on Sunday.

    "It is good" that Bin Laden "does not appear in the media", and "it is wise" that he "does not issue statements or tapes, even after a long while," said the warlord."

    It is good he does not appear in the media, it is wise?
    "even after a long time"

    This guy isn't a mental giant.

    Sure sounds like they are trying to cover up something, they doth protest too much....

    Ole Binny is either dead ( HE IS DEAD,Zawahiri's tape WITHOUT BINNY more Proof ) or the advanced stages of cirrhosis, with advanced ascites, multiple parencentesis has left his protien levels below 4 and in a near comatose state unable to communicate. His edema has left him almost unrecognizable, his fingers like huge sausages. Problems with the parencentesis leaking and diuretics not working.

    Close friends were able to recognize him.

    The last video of Bin Laden was released in late 2004, and the last audio recording was made public in mid-2006.

    Thats almost two years without a video and a year with no audio.

    There is something going on,and its bad for Binny and good for the rest of the world.

    It would also indicate they think its bad for the Islamofascists moral to disclose the details of his condition or death, either way he dies in bed. NOT a martyr.

    No 72 virgins for Binny.

    Would USA let him RIP no,
    USA would dig him up to test his DNA.

    Binny has transposed jahid to Hirabah, and explain it as an Islamic obligation.

    The big picture is to form a caliphate from Spain to Northern Africa to the middle East and into Russia, a kind of Taliban control of Islamic life. This is a political movement masquerading as an Islamic cause.

    Binny's death sure would take AQ down a notch.

    not RIP
    burn in hell.


    UPDATE: 05.26.08

    Biny has seeping wounds on his belly from the parencentesis.

    And has spontaneous arterial bleeding near site of feeding tube.

    He is 60 to 80 lbs heaiver from fluid retention, and suffers heart problems.

    Some of the time he is delusional.



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