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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Cyber Com

    Cyber Com
    Hearing on pending nominations.

    Lieutenant General Keith Alexander

    They got the right guy to head this new cyber force.
    Former NSA head, and head of many Intelligence units.

    He talked about uncharted areas in policy
    and getting the mission right.

    He mentioned some areas of complexity,
    translation; areas they don't have answers for

    Attribution and neutrality issues of great complexity.
    Spoke of areas of responsibility of NSA, DOD, DHS,
    Norad and North com.

    Spoke to the legacy of perimeter security vs
    Security in Depth used now.

    Spoke of cyber space as one network.
    And of some cyber attacks that would be
    equivalent of WMD. Developing rules of 
    And how the net would still work if several
    nodes were taken down.

    Senator spoke of how there is no value
    in having cyber war as eveybody looses.
    And how the theory of MAD would apply,
    Mutually assured destruction. Just like
    with nuclear weapons.

    And how the Lieut.General couldn't see
    cyber war in and of its self. But only as
    part of State attack.

    And of how in a sustained attack NSA
    would join in against the cyber attack.

    Or as example would join in in case of 
    an attack on the American Electrical grid
    if asked.

    And how they might not have the authority
    to cyber counterattack into a neutral state or against
    American PC's because of privacy and attribution

    Also how it was the responsibility of DHS
    to defend Fed and civilian networks.

    My concerns were numerous and seminal.

    If you have to call a meeting to deal with
    a cyber attack, you just lost. Maybe even if
    you have to make a phone call first, you
    may have lost.
    Cyber attacks happen at the speed of light.

    If attacked from a American PC or from a 
    neutral state one has the right of self defense.
    There are three ways to deal with massive
    DDOS attacks, penetrate the attacking PC and back
    track the C2 live in real time, take them off line
    and a third method I won't speak about public.

    They still don't have the defensive responsibility
    paradigm straight yet. 
    They defend in depth against penetration for DOD
    networks but do not defend the civilian networks.

    They could find themselves with a secure Intra net,
    and a dead WWW connection.

    Confliker could take out all 13 Internet nodes at
    once. Their secure Intra nets would be dead in
    the water with the WWW down.

    COW's will work very well to track and
    trace scope of an attack. ( Cyber Over Watch )

    They must come up with SOP, policys that
    are activated in case of attack, there won't
    be time to request authority.
    Speed of light. Need SOP.

    The MAD policy does not apply to terrorist
    or possibly in the case of Iranian 13th Imam.

    The nominations should have been approved
    today, they didn't seem to have a sense of the
    gravity of the situation.

    Internet Anthropologist




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