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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Banking fraud

    American Banks got D grade bonds rated "triple A", AAA.

    Triple A = Credit risk almost zero SOURCE: Wikipedia

    American banks perpetrated this fraud on the World
    and got away with it.

    Do we have any Idea how the world views American
    Banks and Investments NOW?

    The banks are spending $1.4 million dollars a day
    to defeat Banking regulation legislation.

    And the tax payer bailed them out,
    and they are ripping the American tax payer off.
    30% on credit cards and 460% on pay day loans.

    American Banks got away with criminal acts
    against the American public and took their
    crimes world wide and HAVE GOTTEN AWAY 
    WITH IT.

    Federal Reserve Corporation gave them $1.7
    TRILLION usd .

    Who is in charge of this Cluster F**K.
    Sen. Rep. Mitch Mconnel is fighting 
    banking regulations.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7.



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