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    Monday, November 16, 2009

    The changing face of Intelligence.

    The changing face of Intelligence.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Currently I have the much of the same Intelligence
    capacities as the KGB in Russia did in the 1990's.
    Thanks to the Internet.

    The KGB spent billions for their Intelligence apparatus,
    and I spend about $12,000 per year.

    The KGB had hit men, I have cyber hit men, only
    for use in self defense of course.

    My Signet, Humint, OSINT, Rumint, is only limited by
    my budget.

    All of our troops are volunteers.
    The one's in sensitive posts are vetted.

    Our Opsec is remarkable.
    There are many attempts to infiltrate
    our ranks, and we are easily infiltratable.
    one can join.
    We have developed very sucessfull methods
    of spotting infiltrators.

    And much of our work is on the job training.
    Learning our way as we go.
    In the beginning we would self disclose
    our discoveries when we spotted an
    Intelligence agency mole in our ranks.
    That proved to be an unproductive policy.
    As they would break off all communication.
    We had expected them to continue and
    ask how they were spotted.
    Didn't happen.

    Now when we spot a mole its time crucial
    to ID where they are from, US Intelligence
    we try and provide everything we have,
    and just keep quiet about whom they are.
    Others are dealt with accordingly.

    Jahiddies we use, in counterintelligence ops.
    Use Bot surveillance Units to track them across the
    Internet and Infiltrate.

    We have also developed new search methods,
    most of us are used to vertical info searches,
    but we have discovered a new approach horizontal
    searches which are more effective but time and
    personnel consuming.

    Our social change ops are black and have been
    very successful.

    Another Intelligence method we have pioneered
    is paradigm Intelligence and you can
    read its use on our blog posts.

    Paradigm Intel has been one of our most
    successful and powerful methods for extracting data
    from closed cells.

    After the GWOT and we get clearance we
    hope to share some of our work with the public.
    All data related to classified paradigm intel
    has been deleted ( to NSA standards )
    on all computers connected to the net.

    Recently we have had to narrow our focus,
    to keep data flows at manageable levels.
    Otherwise we get caught in a flood of data
    and its hard to keep current on everything.

    Actionable Intel is always given priority.
    And we are always in need of G2 people
    report writers, and analysts.

    We are constantly engineering new ways
    of pulling Intel out of the Internet and hope
    to remain on the cutting edge.

    The future of Intelligence is the loss of
    all privacy world wide, and new data mining tech.
    Thank YOU bin laden and al Qaea.

    While the risk of WMD from terrorist
    remain I can live with the loss of privacy.
    The problem in the future is getting
    our privacy back and that technology
    being passed on to Law Enforcement and
    used in violation of the Constitution.

    Once that pandora's box is opened its going
    to be hard to close.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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    great knowledge you share with us.thanks for this intelligence info.. :)

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