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    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Taliban in disarray, at Maximum effort.

    Taliban in disarray, at Maximum effort.

    Taliban splitting, under great pressure
    on both sides of the border.
    Afghan Taliban commander Abdul Manan aka Mulla Toor Jan and Mullah Omar strongly disagree with the Mehsud driven Paki Taliban regarding attacks on Pakistani noncombatant peoples of all faiths.The Afghans will only fight NATO and US troops in Afghanistan. The Afghans consider their fight to be ideological and faith driven and consider the Paki Taliban tobe nothing more than bandits that kidnap,extort and sell drugs.

    Many Afghan Talib blameAQ for the failure of the Taliban government in Kabul that brought Karzai and his family to power and allowed opium production to start up again. They see AQ and the Paki Taliban to be one and the same and hate the Uzbeks and Chechens they allowed into safe havens in Pakistan.

    Remember Dostrum of the N Alliance is Uzbek and there is a strong mutual hatred with the Afghan Taliban Puhktuns.

    Mullah Munibullah the Taliban commander of Nuristan. He isan exception to the Afghan Taliban in that he openly works with Paki Taliban, Uzbeks, AQ and Chechens. Likely because Nuristan is a transit toCentral Asia and he would not live long if he didn't allow safe passage.
    ( Sourced from our source inside the Beltway, G )

    Paki Taliban are putting out maximum effort,
    with limited resources, decreasing resources
    and trying to increase recruits
    by bribe, force and tricks.

    Very high burn ration for suicide bombers.
    20 a month, poorly trained and killing twice
    as many civilians as military.

    Taliban mounting a psyops to blame Blackwater
    for the civilians the Taliban have killed.

    Big divisions in the Taliban movement.
    Paki Taliban are cracking under the pressure
    of their Maximum effort, Paki Army offensive,
    drone attacks, spies and heavy drug usage.

    Still waiting for stats on percentage of suicide
    bombers on Drugs,

    Martyrs on drugs aren't martyrs,
    just junkies commiting suicide,
    no virgins for them.

    TALIBAN are at or close to their
    maximum in offensive capabilities.
    Current efforts and burn ratios are
    depleting their funds, mid level
    admin/cadre and suicide bombers.

    Currently any offensive increase against the
    Taliban will be met with minimal counter
    attacks, as they are at or close to their maximun
    offensive effort.

    The Taliban on both sides or the border
    are starting to see the wall they have run up
    against, their Maximum effort.

    While the other sides are comtemplating
    increasing their offensive by 40,000 troops
    and more operations in Paki by the Gov. as needed.

    Increased pressure/attacks against the Taliban
    Now, while they are at maximum effort already will
    produce minimal counter attacks and be most effective.

    Taliban are straining all their resources in trying to
    counter current offensives.

    Maximum effort by the Taliban is not indefinitely sustainable.
    Under this kind of pressure something has to give.



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