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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Sites referencing IATT

    The best source for URLs of terrorist websites is the Internet Anthropologist []. The Internet Anthropologist exemplifies citizen involvement in monitoring terrorist activity on the internet. Written by a man who calls himself Gerald, the blog has many offerings, including a list of websites hosted by reputed terrorist groups, primarily Islamic; a database of 24,000 names and bios of known terrorists; a specialized terror search engine, and even an anti-terrorist toolbar. This site is a bit confusing to use, so try going directly to its site map.( 0r use "search our blog" link above.G )

    Lots of good resources:

    We have cleaned up the site some and installed a new template. G


    And a Russian site:

    Захворів я трохи, температурка чи шо

    ось гугл подав мені з неба атлічьну статтю)





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