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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Internet Anthropologist banned, from WIRED.COM

    Internet Anthropologist banned from comments
    on, Danger room.

    During the Iranian election emergency
    we posted around 10 links to supplemental
    posts providing additional info and Intel
    on the Iranian situation,some of it Exclusive.

    URL's are links:
    Effects of Iranian resistance bringing down Iran’s WWW

    Iran’s underwater cables having problems. Currently routed through Turkey

    USA’s current drug paradigm works in favor of the drug cartels and terrorists. How to break the DRUGS/ TERROR connection.

    Prelim med evidence Kim jung Il is demented and in charge of EIGHT NUKES


    More evidence Iran is prep-ing to test a Nuke?

    After re-election of Ahmadinejad expect big rush on Iran developing nuke. Warning for Iranian Civilians

    Exclusive 5 students killed in Iran.

    and more:

    We have supported the Great work
    the Dangerroom has done with
    over 30 links to their site for our
    readers when it.increased the
    breath or depth of the story.
    In order to make as much info available.

    Internet Anthropologist is about

    It feels like room
    is more about where the Info comes from.

    We are saddned by the banning from
    a great blog.
    And their policy.



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