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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Thomas P.M. Barnett on Iran uprising

    Thomas P.M. Barnett on Iran uprising

    He has predicted such an outcome by 2010 in previous books.
    Quotes from Barnett:

    "I see the unrest to date and welcome it, but I do not share this mushrooming of enthusiasm for, and expectation of, a bottom-up revolution in Iran.

    This may well be the start, but I suspect we're a long ways from a successful peak. I just don't see that correlation of forces yet.
    Apologies, but I have simply been unable to track this much (or in a timely fashion from Shanghai, where I have been maximally engaged).

    Thus we watch for the surge to develop some serious legs, and that's where I'm pessimistic.

    (This maybe growing legs, see my post:G )


    Then I peruse the Wikipedia entry on the election and I get more upbeat.

    Arguing against the Tehran-is-important-but-unrepresentative-of-Iran argument is the larger youth-skewed demographic reality.

    In short, the optimist argues that this contested election proves how doomed theocracy is in Iran, the question being only timing."







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