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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Effects of bringing down Iran's WWW

    Effects of bringing down Iran's WWW connections.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    There are some hysterical blogs suggesting
    that dos attacks on Iranian pro-regime
    web sites might bring down Iran's WWW.
    And how that would be terrible as the
    public couldn't see/read what was happening
    in Iran.

    While these voyeurism desires would go unfilled,
    and the Iranian people might be at more risk
    of extreme actions form the regime,
    the regime it's self would be paralyzed.

    Banking, phones, TV, Military com
    would come to a stand still.

    What the peoples majudeem do
    is their business.

    If they decide to bring down the Iranian
    government communications, its
    their decision.

    Its their election, country decisions.

    The Iranian Government has responded
    by bringing down ISPs and filtering
    WWW, and physically confiscating
    satellite dishes.

    The Iranian Government is on the
    run, trying to block access to
    western news media.

    And the resistance has been
    able to block most of the Regimes
    Psy ops. and Info war by shutting
    down the Governments propaganda

    Some of the Iranian news agencys
    themselves have been participating
    in the dos attacks against the resistance.

    The Iranian Government finds its self
    in a quandary, the more they engage
    in DOS attacks the more bandwidth
    they use up running the risk
    of shutting off Irans own WWW.

    Which would cripple the economy
    and government. Bringing the regime
    to its knees.

    Methods and analysis here.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    I wrote this back in 2007
    but just apply it to Iran's



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