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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    How to help Iranian people:

    How to help Iranian people:

    pls everyone change your location on tweeter to IRAN inc timezone GMT+3.30 hrs
    Help cover the bloggers: change your twitter settings so that your location is TEHRAN and your time zone is GMT +3.30. "
    No, the current timezone offset is +4:30 per

    That makes it harder for Iranian Intelligence agencys to track trace civilians.

    And provides them some cover.


    What Iranian sites are being shut down and how. HERE


    unconfirmed - several Generals have been arested

    in azadi sq the killing was by baseej ONLY - military did not react

    unconfirmed - military has refused orders to shoot protesters

    only baseej militia and Etellaat folowing orders - they cannot contain country without Army

    reliable hospital sources say that at least 8 killed in Azadi sq Monday

    several arrests today after tracking thru twiter proxys

    any proxy addss shown on twitter is possible trap - freedom twitters in Iran DO NOT follow - YOUR LOCATION IS VISIBLE

    DoS vezarat ershad - DoS - pls



    If the resistance can mount enough dos attacks they could take Iran off the Internet,

    bring the current regime to its knees, closing down phones, TV, ATM, commerce,

    and Military com.

    And there isn't much Iran can do about it.

    We expect the rest of the world will join in

    on the dos attacks and take Iran's WWW

    down. Methods and analysis here.

    Most will be using the new VPNs.

    What Iranian sites are being shut down and how. HERE

    Expect general STRIKE SOON.

    UPDATE: Here’s the latest wrinkle in the online conflict, according the activists’ Twitter streams. The government is filtering text-message traffic, and Secure Socket Layer-protected web sites. That’s making itmuch harder for pro-democracy types to communicate with each other — and with the outside world. In response, the activists are calling for renewed assaults on government web pages. “Iranian gvmt is blocking out all INTERNET/SMS/PHONE - as long as they do this, we cut down THEIR sites,” one Tweets.




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