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    Sunday, April 05, 2009

    N Korea missile FAILURE

    The propaganda...

    The reality, broken sand castle....

    Verry bad for NK. No sale of tech to Iran, the Iranians had a check  in their pocket at the launch site. After the crash, the Iranians wrote "VOID" on the check. and gave it to the NK to tease them. Missile techs in hiding. Looking to escape NK. User contact form on CIA
    page, I think they have travel tickets for you.

    So how will Kimmy know if the Techs 
    launched the payload or not.

    He won't know and can't tell.

    UN and Congress issue strongly worded

    N. Korea has extream power shortages.
    At night it looks like a country wide blackout.
    Cut off their supply of candles and batteries.

    Really put them in the dark.




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