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    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    NIE = Cover?

    Paradigm Intel:
    ( NOTE: When our bots picked up the NIE, we had assumed George had Blessed it,
    he had not; as we learned later. We have left up our original post with updates, notice how IMPORTANT just knowing if a leader backs an Intel report or NOT makes to the Paradigm conclusions. )

    #1) Iran capitulated, they just blinked but is pulling a JFK, secret deal, USA backs down and they give up N. BOMB.
    #2) Top level insider spying, How could they trust him?
    #3) NIE is wrong, not likely after Iran WMD and N. Korea problems.

    It has to be hard and fast Intel to get a NIE to do a 180 degrees, something certain.
    If they are wrong it would cost the Republicans the election, so they are very sure. ( UPDATE: THIS DIDNOT COME FROM THE ADMIN, NO VOTER RISK )
    Iran broke, if Iran quit Nukes back in 2003 why not avoid all the sanctions?

    NO just doesn't fit.

    This is very good news, if Iran just blinked, and Iran should back off on many fronts now.
    And some face to face meetings soon with Iran IF they blinked.

    Set out bots to collect evidence.

    UPDATE: Bush is not pushing this.

    #4) Some Press thinks its a split between Bush and US intelligence community.

    Intel agency's Flip flopping? Munity or Truth?
    2 Agency's deferred from this analysis, which ones?
    If my staff blindsided me like this I'd be firing someone, Michael McConnell.

    Note Georges facial tics, he was Pimped. And how he smiles when reporter says Iran not a danger.
    Follow up: Our View:

    USA should have a House and Senate Intel committee Investigation of the NIE and Michael McConnell. He just upset the diplomatic apple cart
    with this surprise move and blindsided the administration and diplomatic efforts. Very unprofessional and suspect. ( We are re-thinking this..)


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