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    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Russian terrorist arrested in Lebanon

    Kavkazsky Uzel reports that the Lebanese government is accusing four Russian citizens, including a Dagestani national, of terrorism in Lebanon, attacks on Lebanese soldier, and participating in an armed revolt. The four are part of group of 20 being charged in the fighting in northern Lebanon earlier this summer; the rest are all Palestinians.

    According to information provided by the official information agency Al-Watania as well as the Lebanese NNA national agency, four Russian citizens have been accused of belonging to the Fatah el-Islam terrorist organization and carrying out acts of terrorism in the Nahr el-Barid Palestinian refugee camp and attacks on Lebanese servicemen while participating in an armed revolt.. They are identified as:

    18-year-old Sergey Viktorovich Vysotskiy

    20-year-old Timur Vladimirovich Khozkov

    20-year-old Aslan Yerikovich Ymkodzhayev

    20-year-old Dagestani national who calls himself Abu Abdull

    Only Vysotskiy, alias Abu Omran, has been taken into custody. According to, Vysotsky was a student who coverted to Islam. Two Palestinians, Abu Khodr and Abu Mukhammed an-Nasrani, were detained with him.

    According to Kavkazsky Uzel, Fatah el-Islam based in the Nahr el-Barid camp for Palestinian refugees, is made up of people from many Arab states, but the four Russian citizens are the first known non-Arab foreigners to be members of “Fatah” accused of such serious crimes. reports that the Lebanese Army began fighting with terrorists in the camp on 20 May in battles that have resulted in the deaths of 168 Lebanese soldiers and more than 220 fighters. Another 200 were been arrested.

    The Russian Embassy in Beirut is attempting to verify the information.

    “At the present time we don’t have any information about this matter. We are trying to get in touch with the office of the general procurator of Lebanon,” the Embassy’s Press Attaché Vladimir Cherepanov told journalists. reports that rumors about Russians fighting in Lebanon have been around for some time, but this the first confirmation of that (; IA Regnum; ITAR-TASS; RIA Novosti.)

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I have seen no corroboration for this claim. E.g. Dar al-Hayat and Lebanon Star have nothing on it. It is probably fiction translated from Russian.
    Several Saudis were killed in Nahr al-Bared, and a few captured, I hear, but no Russians.

    4:19 AM  

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