Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: LETTER: 'Ignorant' Osama betrays Islam

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    Friday, October 05, 2007

    LETTER: 'Ignorant' Osama betrays Islam

    LETTER: 'Ignorant' Osama betrays Islam

    Is Osama Bin Laden so foolish to take us on a ride, especially the Muslims, when he talks about Islam? At least to me as a Muslim knowing about Prophet Mohamed quite well, find this so-called Muslim, the ignorant Osama, an absolute opposite personality to the prophet he claims to follow.

    Prophet Mohamed voluntarily served the Maccans for 40 years until they named him 'Ameen,' meaning the most trust worthy person. It was only after he was assured of their trust that he most humbly shared his faith with them. Osama's invitation to Islam with his destructive image is totally opposite to the Prophet of Islam. Is he not betraying the Prophet of Islam and thus betraying Islam itself? Is he an enemy of Islam in disguise of a Muslim and taking us on a ride? It is time to give a serious thought to this possibility since the history shows power seekers are smart in wearing false masks to achieve their goals.

    Mohamed Hussain


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