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    Sunday, July 01, 2007


    War's Paradigm shift:

    Gun powder was the first really big shift, it changed how fortifications were built, then defeated them all together, with cannon.

    Then there was the Machine Gun and trench warfare,
    Hitler changed that by combining infantry with the Air force in his blitzkrieg.

    Then Vietnam and the guerrilla war.

    Now we have the seeded home grown suicide bomber.
    Brought to us by the same forces that gave you Globalism.
    The Internet.

    This last shift and how USA learns to deal with it will
    shape the face of democracy for all time.

    In war the USA has always allowed its President to
    violate the Constitution, and the lawyers let it happen.

    Franklin said "We only have fear its self to fear",
    then locked up all the Japanese.

    Lincoln suspended writ of habeus corpus.

    If there is a threat to the country, USA takes the gloves off.

    Now USA is facing Iran with a Nuke with all these home grown terrorist running around.

    USA is loosing this terrorist war on only one front,
    the Internet, the fight for minds and hearts of Islam.

    To win this battle on the Internet USA does not even need
    propaganda, just the truth.

    The USA has in place the forces and capabilities to over welm the Internet, with fact, multimedia, using our culture to push it.

    This engine could be turned on tomorrow, everything is already in place. I needs supervision, and could start flooding the Internet, confront the enemy in his own territory, his own terms, on his home ground with overwhelming force.

    Two things are missing the will and imagination.

    USA has the capability to own the Internet like they own the air.

    New uses and Power of the INTERNET will center around "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION".

    Al Qaeda isn't using a grand Internet Strategy but going to "whats next"
    hence their Paradigm can be known.

    Delay introduces the real possibility of a real "matrix" on a different level.

    The keyboard is the M16 of the future.

    USA's troops are AWOL or maybe MIA is more accurate?


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