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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    alQaeda PIMPS "fath al Islam"

    Islamist Websites Monitor No. 117

    Fath Al-Islam: Al-Qaeda's Silence Has Killed Us

    On June 26, 2007, Islamist websites posted a written message by Abu Dajana Al-Shami - supposedly a member of Fath Al-Islam - to ISI War Minister Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir. In the message, Al-Shami complains that Al-Qaeda has not expressed support for Fath Al-Islam in its battle against the Lebanese army in Nahr Al-Bared, despite the fact that Fath Al-Islam has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Al-Shami adds that Al-Qaeda's silence has been frustrating for the mujahideen, especially since the events in Gaza, unlike the fighting in Nahr Al-Bared, have been repeatedly mentioned by Al-Zawahiri in his recent messages. A word from Al-Qaeda, Al-Shami stresses, would have had real impact on the youth of Al-Sham (i.e., Greater Syria - a region encompassing Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and the Palestine), but its silence "has killed Fath Al-Islam without a knife."

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