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    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    Islamic comics for kids, anti-terror (UPDATED)

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 21 - For comic book readers in Arab countries, the world often looks like this: superheroes save American cities, battle beasts in Tokyo and even on occasion solve crimes in the French countryside. But few care about saving the Arab world.

    If Naif al-Mutawa has his way, that is about to change. Young Arabs will soon be poring over a new group - and new genre - of superheroes like Jabbar, Mumita and Ramzi Razem, all aimed specifically at young Muslim readers and focusing on Muslim virtues.

    Mr. Mutawa's Teshkeel Media, based in Kuwait, says that in September it will begin publishing "The 99," a series of comic books based on superhero characters who battle injustice and fight evil, with each character personifying one of the 99 qualities that Muslims believe God embodies.

    And he got $7 million dollars.


    There is no free on line version,
    and it comes out only ONCE a month,
    This smells like its more about MONEY
    Than new Models for Islamic kids.

    If I was an investor I'd watch this very close.
    We stand corrected
    Example of the comic

    But we expected a newspaper type ( 3 or 4 frames ) of regular comic to be posted to the Internet ( and embedded to many web sites FREE ), and auto updated with new comic every week. PROMOTION...


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There is a free sample online at


    2:39 AM  
    Anonymous Islamic Comics said...

    predestination is a fact.the problem is serious because we dont understand our place in it.the roles seems to overlap.but when we know GOD as he aught to be known then all clears away.Sufism leads to that and then there remains no confusion.the truth is that we all make our choices.we r perplexed.we think we dont.we r allways struggling between the past and future.present is subtle,it escapes us.we need be aware .

    12:40 PM  

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