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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Digg's "Jihad Censors"

    Internet wanna bees.
    Moreover, this cyber presence is extremely tech-savvy with a high degree of interactivity between the sites and viewers, said Moran, a senior intelligence analyst at Terrorism Research Center, a private intelligence gathering firm with corporate and government clients. "These jihadist webmasters, they're not dumb, they don't live in caves," he said. "They're very sophisticated. They understand the propaganda battle very well [and how] they can use the Web as a medium to talk to people that they wouldn't be able to talk to here in America or the West."

    In a recent interview, Moran related how some sites produce videos with English subtitles designed to look like CNN or BBC News broadcasts. Friendly visitors, he said, are urged to "download it and then post it on YouTube, and on other sites that you know Americans visit." Other sites encourage viewers to "assume an American identity, pick a name like 'Joe' or 'Bob' and go get an account on a non-political American [Web] forum and go in there and tell your story about your neighbor who just came back from Iraq who is now paralyzed ... and how this terrible war has ruined his life."


    by AdmiralAdama on 04/21/2007
    Digg "Jihad Censors" continute to bury and eliminate any articles on Jihad and Islam's intimidation/treatment of infidels

    all lgf submissions have been buried in recent weeks.
    these non-lgf submissions have been buried in the last 24 hours
    buried with over 50 diggs in 10 hours
    After 54 diggs
    after 53 diggs in 7 hours

    that was just yesterday.

    it STARTS


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