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    Thursday, July 05, 2007

    17 Internet Jihadist, march to PRISON

    The innovator, navive, inexperienced, unprofessional, oo7 went down fast, rest are on HIT list.

    Also down:
    They mounted DOS attacks with a flawed program.
    His name sake down: "The team Jihad supporters for electronic Jihad-e-terrorist battalion struggling 007 "

    Chief military spokesman Major-General William Caldwell identified Muharib Abdul Latif al-Jubouri, the "senior minister of information" for al Qaeda in Iraq, as a key figure in the separate abductions of Carroll and Fox.
    Information Minister is dead

    Two British accomplices of Mr. Tsouli, who also pleaded guilty this week, are Waseem Mughal, 24, and Tariq Al-Daour, 21.

    An Iraqi alleged to have published al- Qaeda propaganda online, including video messages from terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden, has been indicted in Germany, prosecutors said Thursday.
    Ibrahim R was arrested last October at his home in the German town of Georgsmarienhuette, where his wife voiced astonishment to reporters at what he was alleged to have done while on the internet in an upstairs room.

    The recent arrest of five al-Qaeda suspects in an internet cafe in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott is the latest signal that the terror network is increasingly favouring the Web to recruit operatives and to communicate with its various cells in Africa, Arabic daily al-Watan reports. The suspects - two Algerians, two Moroccans, and Mauritanian - were arrested on Sunday during raids of three Internet cafes close to the Palestinian embassy carried out by Mauritanian anti-terror police, the paper said.

    OSINT - news from the western Bekaa valley [more "Internet Jihadis" rounded up]

    Story is that there are many good [Sunni] Muslims in the western Bekaa valley of Lebanon, and that recently the Lebanese Army and associated agencies raided a cyber cafe in the area in an operation aimed at tracking down jihadis making use of the business to frequent certain websites. There follows a lot of griping and whining about how it's all so unfair - just men with beards being picked on again...

    The Semarang District Court in Central Java sentenced a Semarang University student on Wednesday to three years in jail for designing and setting up a website that provided instructions on how to carry out terrorist attacks against foreigners. The sentence the court handed down to Agung Prabowo, 24, alias Max Fiderman alias Ahmad alias Kalingga alias Bebek-bebekan, was much lighter than the prosecutors' original demand of eight years.

    Security forces have arrested three members of a deviant group responsible for running extremist and terrorist websites, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday.
    The websites espoused an ideology of "takfeer" — the labeling by extremists of all who do not agree with their version of Islam as infidels. Two of the men are Saudis and the third is an expatriate resident of Madinah, the statement said. The statement said, "Security forces arrested a national calling himself 'Abu Aseed Al-Falouji' who ran a highly organized site aimed at recruiting youths by using special effects to attract them."
    His prominence on the Internet made him a link between deviant groups in the country and sympathizers outside, the statement explained.
    It added that in addition to publishing the extremist propaganda and providing links to both individuals and groups, Al-Falouji assisted in the preparation and promotion of terrorist operations and sought financial assistance and funding inside the Kingdom.

    French media sources revealed that French security services arrested a French young man from Arab origins last Saturday indicted with the establishment of direct contacts with the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - GSPC - in Algeria.
    The same sources made clear that the 34-year old B. Kamel has set contacts with the GSPC via Internet since a year, the same sources added that the French information services who supervised the operation have found explosives for ammunition and automatic gun manufacturing.

    And more ops we cannot report on Yet.


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