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    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Bin Ladens plans:

    July 2, 2007 at 16:42:48

    Bin Ladens plans:

    Bin Ladens objective:

    To use Al Qaeda and Islam extremists to show the world USA can be beat military,

    His definition of "beating" winning, is to end up with the real estate when it is over.

    His demonstration is weak, expensive and unnecessary.

    He has showed, that he can take on the USA for an extended time
    5 yrs now. And cause minimum KIA,
    While graft and corruption with in al Qaeda runs rampant, bribes and payoffs must continue and fund some of the expenses.
    The cost in Muslim lives he has handled thru a brilliant PR campaign,
    they are not Terrorist DEATHS, they are Martyrs; $$$, pay off for the family and 72 virgins and 72 of his friends into paradise Gratis.

    All the social network has been paid off. Bomber, family and friends.

    So the heavy KIA al Qaeda experiences is not a problem, they have managed to move it from the Debit side of the ledger to the Asset side.

    He has minimally showed he can engage the USA military with maximum effort and minimum results.

    But he has through his media arm turned "minimum results" into a victory. The Ummah view him as a success.

    Binny's media arm is more powerful than that of the USA.
    This is what he is winning the insurgent war with, media, lies, spin, propaganda.

    And USA is a "NO SHOW", the most powerful media in the world
    and it is not being used.

    150,000 of America's best, and no popular PR.
    The most technical advanced country in the world
    and is being beat for the minds and hearts with it's
    own technology.

    Blind sided, and deaf.


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